Senior Leadership Team

Cebert Adamson

Cebert Adamson
Dean, Continuing Education, Academic Quality and Centre for Teaching & Learning
cebert.adamson [at] (Email Cebert)

Sinisa Aleksa

Sinisa Aleksa
Chief Information Officer
sinisa.aleksa [at] (Email Sinisa)

paul armstrong

Paul Armstrong
Vice President, Academic
paul.armstrong [at] (Email Paul)

katie burrows

Katie Burrows
Director of Development and Acting Director, Office of the President
katie.burrows [at] (Email Katie)

Maxine Carter

Maxine Carter
Director and Special Advisor, Equity & Social Inclusion
Maxine.carter2 [at] (Email Maxine)

Mohawk College Chief Building and Facilities Officer Tony Cupido

Tony Cupido
Chief Building & Facilities Officer
tony.cupido [at] (Email Tony)

Mohawk College Special Advisor to the President Hillary Dawson

Hillary Dawson
Associate Vice President, Public Affairs, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives
hillary.dawson [at] (Email Hillary)

Mohawk College General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Tom Ferns

Tom Ferns
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
tom.ferns [at] (Email Tom)

Tim Fricker

Tim Fricker
Dean, Students
tim.fricker [at] (Email Tim)

Gina Funicelli

Gina Funicelli
Dean, Applied Research
gina.funicelli [at] (Email Gina)

Mohawk College Chief of Business Development and Ancillary Services Troy Heath

Troy Heath
Chief, Business Development and Ancillary Services
troy.heath [at] (Email Troy)

Mohawk College Dean of Continuing Education Alison Horton

Alison Horton
Vice President, Corporate Services
alison.horton [at] (Email Alison)

Amy Kelaidis

Amy Kelaidis
Director & Special Advisor, Indigenous Initiatives
amy.Kelaidis [at] (Email Amy)

Lori Koziol

Lori Koziol
Dean, School of Health
lori.koziol [at] (Email Lori)

Mohawk College Director Trish Loomis

Trish Loomis
Director, Office of the President
On leave, returning November 2018
trish.loomis [at] (Email Trish)

ron mckerlie

Ron McKerlie
president [at] (Email Ron)

Neil McMahon

Neil McMahon
Dean, School of Community, Justice and Liberal Studies
neil.mcmahon [at] (Email Neil)

Mohawk College Dean Keith Monrose

Keith Monrose
Dean, International Education
keith.monrose [at] (Email Keith)

Mohawk College Chief Marketing and Recruitment Officer Lori Morgan

Lori Morgan
Chief Marketing & Recruitment Officer
lori.morgan [at] (Email Lori)

Kurt Muller

Kurt Muller
Dean, McKeil School of Business, Media and Entertainment
kurt.muller [at] (Email Kurt)

Frederic Nickner

Fred Nickner
frederic.nickner [at] (Email Fred)

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Wayne Ostermaier
Dean, Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship
wayne.ostermaier [at] (Email Wayne)

Mohawk College Chief Human Resources and Organizational Development Officer Karen Pashleigh

Karen Pashleigh
Chief Human Resources & Organizational Development Officer
karen.pashleigh [at] (Email Karen)

Mohawk College Director Rochelle Reid

Rochelle Reid
Director, Student Life & General Manager, David Braley Athletics & Recreation Centre
rochelle.reid [at] (Email Rochelle)

Mohawk College Director Jay Robb

Jay Robb
Director Communications
jay.robb [at] (Email Jay)

Dave Santi

Dave Santi
Dean, School of Engineering Technology
david.santi [at] (Email Dave)

Jim Vanderveken

Jim Vanderveken
Dean, Centre for Community Partnerships and Experiential Learning
jim.vanderveken [at] (Email Jim)

Kim Watkins

Kim Watkins
Chief Financial Officer
kim.watkins [at] (Email Kim)

Headshot of Rose Zhang

Rose Zhang
Internal Auditor
rose.zhang [at] (Email Rose)