Key Management Policy

Policy Number: CS-1103-2017
Policy Title: Key Management
Policy Owner: Chief Building and Facilities Officer
Effective Date: January 18, 2017
Last Revised: December 18, 2019

On this page:

  1. Purpose
  2. Application and Scope
  3. Definitions
  4. Principles
  5. Accountability and Compliance
  6. Rules
  7. Policy Revision Date
  8. Attachments
  9. Specific Links

1. Purpose

The integrity of the College lock and keying system is essential to protect College assets and to only provide access to College facilities by authorized persons. This policy provides a system for the issuance and control of all keys related to the accessing of Mohawk College.


2. Application and Scope

This policy applies to all Mohawk College employees, students and approved visitors.


3. Definitions

“Key Wizard” is a comprehensive key management software package utilized by Facility and Security Services. The program was developed for locksmiths and end-users to track detailed information on keys, keyholders, locations, door maintenance and management.

“Medeco Keying System” uses patented key control systems, including patents on the keys and the cylinder, to prevent unauthorized copies of keys from being generated.

“Special Key Developed (SKD)” is part of the Medeco system created by Mohawk College for special secure areas that are not on the master key system. These keys are strictly controlled and only created and issued at the discretion of the Director Security Service and/or Chief Building & Facility Officer.

“Miscellaneous Keys” refers to keys for filing cabinets, overhead cabinet doors and desk drawers. These keys are the responsibility of the department and are not tracked in the Key Wizard.

“Key holder” is any person, whether an employee or not, who has been issued a key for any College lock(s)


4. Principles

The College will provide and maintain an open study, research and work environment, and provide safe conditions on its premises by regulating the issuance and control of keys related to the accessing of College property.

This policy establishes reasonable personal security for members of the College community and ensures the protection of personal and College property through the control of the distribution of keys.


5. Accountability and Compliance

5.1 Accountability Framework

This policy has been approved by the Senior Leadership Team.

5.2 Compliance

The Chief Building and Facilities Officer and the Director, Security Services are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of this policy and ensuring compliance.

All persons are accountable to their Managers for adherence to this policy.


6. Rules

6.1 Eligibility

  • Only employees and students with proper and valid College ID may be issued keys with necessary approvals
  • Security is responsible for contractor key issuance (see Appendix ‘A’, Section 1.3)

6.2 Issuance

  • The issuance of keys must be authorized by the appropriate person in accordance with Keying Structure and Authorization Levels noted in Appendix B.
  • All keys and locks are the property of the College.
  • Key holders are responsible for the safe keeping of any keys assigned to them. Key holders shall not make copies of keys or transfer their keys to another person or allow them to be used in an unauthorized manner.
  • Keys shall only be issued to students when absolutely necessary and require approval of Dean/Manager of the area or Director Security Services. (Students who are hired and paid to be a college employee are considered employees for the purpose of this policy.)

6.3 Return

  • Managers will ensure keys are returned to Facility Services, Fennell Campus B101, as follows:
  • When an employee is transferred to another department, position or building
  • Upon an employee’s resignation, retirement or termination
  • Upon a student’s graduation
  • Key holders will return keys to Facility Services, Fennell Campus B101 as follows:
  • Upon completion of the temporary issue period as approved on the Key Request Form
  • Upon request by Security Services or Facility Services
  • When keys are no longer required

6.4 Padlock, Peripheral and Miscellaneous Keys

  • All padlocks to doors or gates affecting College property must be compatible with the authorized key control system.
  • All locks and keys to these locks will be controlled in accordance with this policy.
  • Miscellaneous Keys and departmental lockers will remain the responsibility of the department.

6.5 Numbering System for Keys

  • An identifying serial number will be stamped on each key for record purposes.
  • Serial numbers are recorded and tracked by Facility Services.
  • Only one key for a specific area, room or door will be issued to any one person.

6.6 Lost or Stolen Keys

  • Lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to Security Services. A new key will not be issued to anyone unless an Incident Report completed by Security Services is on file.
  • All pieces of a broken key must be returned to Facility Services or accounted for before a replacement key may be issued. A completed key Request form is also required.
  • The rekeying and/or the reissue of keys will be the financial responsibility of the department where the key was lost or stolen.

6.7 Repair of Locks, Keys or Door Hardware

  • Only personnel or contractors authorized by Facility Services shall repair a College lock or cut a College key.

6.8 Facility Services and Security Services Employees

  • Permanent assignment of keys to employees in Facility Services and Security Services to campus buildings shall be made only in cases of demonstrated need for operation, safety and security reasons.
  • Keys shall not be issued to cleaning employees for designated high security areas without the written permission of the Dean/Manager in charge.

6.9 Key Issuance to Outside Contractors

  • Repair of Campus Facilities which require a contractor to be issued keys to any Campus Building or room must be approved by the appropriate Facility Services Manager. The Contractor must sign out keys each morning and return the keys every evening. Keys will only be issued to Contractors with approved Identification.
  • Any contractor that loses or misplaces College keys shall be responsible for the rekeying costs associated with the areas that the keys access. This may be done by deducting funds from the amount owing on the contract for the cost of rekeying.


7. Policy Revision Date

7.1 Revision Date

December 2024

7.2 Responsibility

The Chief Building and Facilities Officer and the Director, Security Services will review this policy every five years or earlier when required.


8. Attachments


9. Specific Links

Space intentionally left blank.

Appendix A - Key Management Procedure

1. Roles and Responsibilities

1.1 Key holder

  • Will be responsible for caring for the keys in their possession in accordance with the Key Management policy.  

1.2 Departmental Manager/Associate Dean

  • To ensure that keys are returned to Facility Services upon resignation, retirement, graduation, transfer, or termination of any key holder.
  • Responsible for the replacement cost of keys that are lost or stolen and for rekeying costs.
  • To be accountable for all keys that are in their department’s possession and shall audit keys in their area of responsibility annually.

1.3 Security Services

  • Investigate, complete a report and record lost or stolen keys.
  • Security shall submit a report to Director Security Services and Facility Services including name of key holder and keys lost.
  • Control and keep track of contractor sign out and in of keys. Ensure keys are returned at the end of each day.

1.4 Facility Services

  • Control all repairs and additions to any manual locking device, key or door hardware installed by the College.
  • Monitor and adjust all hardware schedules for additions and renovations to the College, ensuring that proper hardware, locks, and key cylinders meet the College's specifications and standards. Ensure hardware installed by contractors is completed to manufacturer and College specifications
  • Provide when requested, departmental Managers/Associate Deans a list of all keys associated to their department from the Key Wizard software system to assist with auditing purposes.

2. Key Issuance

  • Employees or students requiring keys must submit to their Manager, a completed Key Request Form, shown in Appendix C.
  • The completed Key Request Form authorized with all information filled out will be forwarded to Facility Services, Room B101 of the Fennell Campus.
  • Facility Services will process the Key Request Forms on Wednesday mornings. Key authorization will be checked and confirmed. Keys will be cut Wednesday and be ready for pick-up Thursday morning at the Fennell Facility Services Office in B101. Stoney Creek keys will be ready for pick-up Friday morning at the Stoney Creek Campus Coordinator Office.
  • All new key holders and newly issued keys shall be entered into the Key Wizard by Facility Services. A paper record, including signature of receipt, will be maintained at the Fennell Campus Facility Services Office.

3. Key Return

  • Upon receiving returned keys, Facility Services will update Key Wizard and return keys to the locksmith.

Appendix B - Keying Structure and Authorization Levels

Key Level Key Use Eligible Key Holder Authorization
SKD - Special Key Developed Card Access Doors
IT Rooms
Safe Rooms
Controlled Access Areas (as defined by Security Services)
Security Employees
Select employees on an as needed basis as approved by Security Services
Chief Building Facilities Officer
Divisional Chief
Director Security Services
GGMK - Great Grand Master Key Access within Fennell and Stoney Creek Campus Presidents
Vice Presidents
Facility Services
Security Services
Select College employees on an as needed basis
Chief Building & Facilities Officer
Director Security Services
GMK - Grand Master Key Departmental Faculty Dean
Area Director
Administrative Assistants
Appropriate Vice President
MK - Master Key Rooms within Department Associate Dean
Department Manager/Administrative Assistants
Department Technologist
Department Director/Dean
Change Key Individual Doors Set of Doors Keyed Alike Employees
Approved Students
Department Manager (Academic or Non-Academic)