Rehiring Retirees Policy

Policy Number: CS-1304-2013
Policy Title: Rehiring Retirees
Policy Owner: Chief Human Resources Officer
Effective Date: May 15, 2013
Last Revised: January 17, 2018


1. Purpose 

The purpose of this policy is to identify circumstances whereby a retired College employee who is in receipt of pension benefits can subsequently return to work for the College.


2. Application and Scope

This policy applies to all regular full-time, part-time and contract positions and may impact on former College Faculty, Support Staff and Administrative Staff who, following retirement, elect to seek re-employment with the College.


3. Definitions

“Employee” is a College employee of active status in a full time, part time or temporary position.

“Retiree” is a former Mohawk College employee who has ceased employment with the College and is in receipt of a CAAT pension benefit. 

“Retirement” is the state of having concluded employment with the College and begun to collect CAAT pension benefits.


4. Principles

This policy is based on the need to maintain a consistent and transparent process for hiring departments to follow when contemplating resourcing options which may include the rehiring of retirees.


5. Accountability and Compliance  

5.1 Accountability Framework

This policy has been approved by Senior Leadership Team

5.2 Compliance

The Chief Human Resources Officer is authorized to ensure that the information within this policy is applied and that all actions comply with the Employment Standards Act, Ontario Human Rights Code as well as any additional applicable provincial legislation and Collective Agreements. 

The Chief Human Resources Officer will provide an annual report to the Mohawk Executive Group on where College retirees have been rehired by the College.


6. Rehiring Retirees

As an equal opportunity employer, the College values diversity and is committed to the principles found in the Ontario Human Rights Code. 

The College is committed to effective succession planning and does not intend to use College retiree re-employment as a substitute for developing well-qualified faculty and staff. The College will not re-hire its retirees for the sole purpose of cost savings or convenience. 

Re-employment must be in response to a College need, for example:  the retired employee possesses skills and institutional knowledge that the hiring department cannot otherwise readily obtain in the community; or the hiring department anticipates that the retired employee will assist the replacement in knowledge transfer not otherwise available, in acquiring necessary skills and knowledge; or there is a short-term temporary need to be filled which requires an immediate ability to perform the full range of job duties (i.e. no time for a learning curve). 

Re-hired retirees are to meet the same skills and qualifications threshold as for a new hire.  Compensation will not be based on salary received upon retirement, but will be assessed as a new employee.

Employees who were terminated for cause will not be considered for re-employment with the College.  

Mohawk College limits the hiring of employees who have received a voluntary separation package.  These former employees will not be employed in any capacity (independently or as part of a consulting firm) for a minimum period of time that is equivalent to the term of notice and/or payment provided upon departure from the College.


7. Revision Date

7.1 Revision Date

January 2021

7.2 Responsibility

The Chief Human Resources Officer will review this policy every three years or earlier where required.

8. Specific Links

  • CS-1313-2006 Recruiting and Selection Policy
  • Employment Standards Act of Ontario
  • Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Academic Employees Collective Agreement
  • Support Staff Collective Agreement
  • Terms and conditions of Employment for Administrative Staff