Types of Credentials

What is a credential?

A credential is the certification awarded to a graduate upon successful completion of all the requirements of an approved program.

What credentials are offered at Mohawk?

Mohawk College offers:

  • Ontario College Certificate (OCC)
  • Ontario College Diploma (OCD) and Ontario College Advanced Diploma (OCAD)
  • Ontario College Graduate Certificate (OCGC)
  • Degree
  • Mohawk College Certificate (Apprenticeship programs)

Explore below the different credentials:

Ontario College Certificate (OCC)

Ontario College Certificate (OCC) programs can help you enhance fundamental skills in technology, media, trades or introduce you to the service and support industries. Certificates can be completed in one year or less of full-time study.

Continuing Education also offers many Mohawk College Certificates that can complement previous education or work experience. In-class or online, flexible learning options allow you to take a part- time program while you work. Visit Continuing Education to browse the many opportunities available.

Ontario College Diploma (OCD) and Ontario College Advanced Diploma (OCAD)

Ontario College Diploma (OCD) and Ontario College Advanced Diploma (OCAD) programs provide you with the flexibility to prepare for a specific career or gain a broader range of knowledge to allow you to pursue various career opportunities. An OCD generally requires two years of full-time study, while an OCAD generally requires three years of full-time study.

Many diploma programs include a required or optional co-op that adds an additional two or three semesters of work experience in a related industry to your field of study.

Some diploma programs are offered in a fast track format where you will attend semesters back-to-back and not have a break semester.

Ontario College Graduate Certificate (OCGC)

Ontario College Graduate Certificate (OCGC) programs build on the knowledge and experience acquired through previous postsecondary study and allow you to enhance your professional skills and gain deeper practical experience to gain a competitive career advantage.

Applicants to these programs typically require a postsecondary credential, although in some cases, work experience may be determined to be equivalent. Graduate certificates can often be completed in one year or less of full-time study.


Mohawk’s Degree  programs are offered jointly by Mohawk College and a university. You may earn either one or two credentials. These programs combine the hands-on, applied learning of college with the theory and critical thinking of a university program. Programs also include work term placements, which provide valuable industry-specific experience for graduates. Degrees generally require four years of full-time study.

Mohawk College Certificate

Mohawk College Certificate credentials are approved by Mohawk College but are not eligible for OSAP.

Apprenticeship Programs
An apprenticeship enables you to learn a skilled trade on the job, under the supervision of an experienced tradesperson. Mohawk offers the classroom component of apprenticeship training and graduates earn a Mohawk College Certificate. It typically takes between two and five years to complete an apprenticeship.

Pre-apprenticeship programs are also available and provide exposure to working in a trade for those who may not have the skills or experience. Learn more about Apprenticeships.

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