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If you are a Domestic or Canadian applicant, you can apply through the Ontario College Application System.

You are considered a Domestic applicant if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident that resides inside or outside of Canada.

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Applications to the college are completed online via Note that we do not have walk-in applications available and all applications must be submitted via

Apprenticeship Applicants

International Applicants

If you are interested in attending Mohawk College on a study permit please contact Mohawk International.


How to accept your offer

Check your offer letter for the Mohawk program(s) you’ve been accepted to and the due date to reserve your spot.

fall 2021 offer package

1. Log in to your account.
You also can confirm your offer by calling the Ontario Colleges Customer Contact Centre.

2nd 2021 offer package

2. Click on View Offers under Offers on your Dashboard.

3rd 2021 offer package

3. Select the Mohawk offer of admission you wish to accept. You may accept one Mohawk program and maintain your place on a wait list for another Mohawk program.

4th offer package 2021

4. Click Confirm on your chosen program. Congratulations, you’ve accepted your offer! Mohawk will follow up with next steps for fees and registration.

5th 2021 offer package

5. Share your exciting news! Use #MohawkFutureReady, tag @Mohawk.College and add official Mohawk College stickers to your Instagram Stories to capture this exciting moment.

Once you have accepted an offer, will send a confirmation email to the email address associated with your account.


I have accepted! What’s next?

Secure your Seat!

Congratulations! Once you have accepted your offer, you will receive your fee statement. Fee Statements are sent to your MyMohawk email account only. You are required to pay your $250.00 non-refundable deposit to secure your seat. You are not required to wait for your fee statement to arrive (however, please review once it does). If you wish, you can move forward with your non-refundable deposit payment to secure your seat. You can prepare for your tuition payment to move through the registration process. Review MyMohawk for your specific registration date and time. 

Need help with payment? Review our payment options or email us for assistance.

Tuition Payment

To register and select your timetable, you must complete your tuition payment. To satisfy this requirement, there are payment options available to you. Information on your fees can be found in the Registration and Fee Guide and your Fee Statement sent to your Mohawk email (only).

Financial Assistance including OSAP

Submitting an OSAP Application

If this is your first time applying to OSAP you will be required to create an account/profile before submitting your OSAP application. You can create your account by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the OSAP website.

The 2021-2022 (September 2021 to August 2022) OSAP application is available. Your application can be submitted on your OSAP account online.

For additional guidance please reference our OSAP application video guide.

The deadline to submit a new OSAP application is 60 days before the end of your study period.

Submitting your OSAP Documents

OSAP documentation can be submitted via your OSAP application online under the required documents section. This page will provide you with a list of documents that are required as well as the opportunity to upload and submit your OSAP document(s).

If you have reached the maximum number of uploads you can use the ‘optional uploads’ button found on the required documents section (see screenshot below).

Screenshot of the required documents section of the OSAP website

For additional guidance please reference our OSAP document video guide.

The deadline to submit OSAP documentation is 40 days before the end of your study period.

Please allow for 4 to 6 weeks of processing time for your OSAP documents. You can check the status of your OSAP documents on your OSAP application online.

Checking the Status of your OSAP and/or Documents

The status of your OSAP application can be found by logging into your OSAP account online.

We are unable to provide you with the status of your OSAP documents, please continue to monitor your OSAP application online for updates.

If your documents have been denied or additional documentation is required you will either be sent a communication to your OSAP Message Center or an email to your Mohawk College email address. Please monitor both your OSAP account online and your Mohawk College email account for communications regarding your OSAP documents.

Selecting your timetable – Deferrals including Deferral option not available

OSAP students are eligible for a deferral provided that their OSAP application is fully submitted. The OSAP deferral will automatically be applied to your registration record in 3 to 5 business days from your OSAP application submission date.

Submitting your OSAP application late may result in registration delays and in some cases may prevent a deferral option from being available to you before the registration deadline. Individuals looking to be funded by OSAP applying for OSAP late should be prepared to cover full fees associated with their account to complete the registration process.

If you have not submitted an OSAP application for your studies please do so as soon as possible to avoid delays with your OSAP funding and registration. If your timetable section is open please send us an email once your OSAP application has been submitted and we can review your record and may be able to manually add the deferral to your registration record.

Confirmation of Enrollment

Funding will not be released until all required documents are submitted and processed.

Your funding release date will continue to change until your documents have been processed.

Ministry Confirmation of Enrollments (Release of OSAP funding) will tentatively begin daily starting on Monday, May 2, 2022. Please continue to monitor your OSAP application online for updates regarding the release of your funding.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their tuition is paid on or before the deadline. You can check/monitor the outstanding balance on your student account via MyMohawk under the ‘Finances’ page and selecting My Financial Statement.


Preparing for Timetable Selection

When your registration date and time arrives, log into your MyMohawk account and select the Registration page in order to register and select your timetable. Check out our helpful how to select your timetable video to get started. Timetable selection dates and time will be posted in MyMohawk on Monday, March 28 and Timetable Registration will begin on Monday, April 11. Once registered, you can view your selected timetable in MyMohawk. Make sure to check your schedule before classes start as changes to timetables are sometimes necessary. For step-by-step instructions on understanding your timetable check out how to read your timetable.

How to Register and select your timetable in MyMohawk

  1. To begin, log into your MyMohawk account.
  2. Using the column on the left-hand side, and click on the Registration page.
  3. Click on “Choose or change my timetable” under the Winter 2022 heading.
  4. Your program confirmation screen will show here. Click on your program number to continue.
  5. This next screen shows your personal information. Please confirm that your name, program, and semester are correct before clicking on continue at the bottom of the page.
  6. This takes you to the block registration screen. A block is a pre-determined schedule that contains the courses a student is expected to take during the semester. Each block is a different schedule. Note: If all the blocks have a message stating “Block is full!”, please email us or call 1-844-767-6871 for assistance.
  7. To see a schedule, click on the radio button beside the word “block”. A draft timetable will appear in pink beside the selected block.
  8. To see the other block options, simply click on a different radio button and a new timetable will appear.
  9. Once you have chosen your preferred timetable, scroll to the bottom of your registration screen.
  10. If this is your first semester, you may have a Communication course to select as well. Once selected, click on the “Refresh Timetable” button and your Communication course will now appear in your draft timetable.
  11. If you decide you want to drop a course from your timetable, you may do so by unchecking the box beside the course you want to drop, and clicking the “Refresh Timetable” button. This now shows the course is no longer in your timetable.
  12. To add a course, check the box beside it and click the “Refresh Timetable” button.
  13. During the Add Period, students are able to see and register in special authorized courses or missed/failed courses. You can find the Add/Drop period dates through the Mohawk College website under Current Students, Academic Dates, or through your MyMohawk account under the Academics tab, and clicking on Academic dates.
  14. When you are ready to finalize your course selection, click on the “Submit to Register” button at the bottom of the page.
  15. For first semester students, this message will appear. If you haven’t booked your Assessment for Success, you can use the information provided in the message to do so. Click ok.
  16. Your payment confirmation page will show if you have any outstanding fees to pay before you can be registered. If you have paid your full fees before selecting your timetable, you can click on “Continue.”

In order to save your timetable and be officially registered, you must have paid the full amount to cover your course selection, pay the balance owing, or have deferral on file, such as OSAP or Second Career.

Need further assistance registering for your studies, email us and select Registration/Timetable Support in the drop down menu.


Booking Appointments

Interested in connecting with the team? If you require further support or assistance, appointments are available for some of our services. Review our appointment-booking site for more information.

Withdrawing from your Studies and Tuition Refunds

Students who want to withdraw from the College must formally withdraw within the first ten days of the program semester start to be eligible for a tuition refund less the applicable holdback fee. Log into your MyMohawk account, navigate to the Registration page and select Request to Withdraw. Fill in the required details and information to submit your request. Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method. If you are an OSAP student, your tuition and fees refund may be returned to the National Student Loans Centre (NSLC), as per the OSAP terms and agreements. Students withdrawing as of the 2020/21 academic year (beginning with Fall 2020) are subject to a $250 holdback fee. Review the Terms and Definitions for more information regarding holdback fees. Check the Academic and Important Dates page for timelines and and program exception calendars.

The College is not responsible for withdrawal requests that do not reach the College. Students who withdraw after the 10th day of class are responsible for full fees for the semester. Lack of attendance or OSAP denial does not constitute a formal withdrawal or reason for a refund.

If you have registered for your studies, you must formally withdrawn using the online withdraw form, declining at once registered does not constitute a formal withdrawal and students would be responsible for their fees if withdrawing beyond Day 10 of the term. Further to this, Day 1 of the term is respective to the important dates and deadlines and not reflective of the day a student registers for their studies.

For further information on withdrawing from your studies, please visit our Tuition Refunds or Program Withdrawal webpages.