Glossary of Terms


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Alternate Offers of Admission​

Applicants may receive an alternate offer of admission to program(s) which they did not apply to. Alternate offers of admission may be released in cases where an applicant has not yet met the eligibility for the program in which they applied to or they may be waitlisted for their program of choice. It is important to understand that applicants are still being considered for their initial choice(s) and it is possible to receive an offer to the program(s) in the future. It is recommended you review your My Application Status (MAS) through your MyMohawk account for your eligibility and for anything required for your file. Any new documentation can be sent to for consideration.

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Conditional Offers of Admission​

Applicants who are currently in progress of completing their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), individual/specific course(s), or their credential for a Post Graduate program may be extended a conditional offer of admission. The offer is conditional upon providing appropriate documentation to clear the condition(s) of your offer. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to clear conditions in order to select your timetable. For direction and assistance on document or transcript submission please visit for support. Applicants who receive a conditional offer, accept and are unable to clear their conditions are not eligible for a refund of their (non-refundable) $250.00 deposit to secure their seat.

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Deferring Offers of Admission​

The college does not allow domestic applicants to defer their offer of admission to a future term or future cycle. Applicants would be required to apply to a term in which their program is being offered and go through the admission process again for review and consideration. ​

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Waitlists are created when there are more eligible applicants than seats available in a program. Your position on the waitlist is outlined by your overall score. Depending on the program you are applying to this can be your academic history or a combination of your academics and additional selection criteria. Waitlists are fluid and your position can change relative to other applicant, or as new grades are received. Should space permit in a program, applicants will be contacted by the admissions office. As part of the applicant’s responsibilities, it is strongly advised, all contact information is up to date, and this includes emails and phone numbers.

Withdrawing from your Studies

Students who want to withdraw from the College must complete an online withdrawal within the first ten days of the program semester start to be eligible for a tuition refund less the applicable $250 holdback fee. Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method.

If you are an OSAP student, your tuition and fees refund may be returned to the National Student Loans Centre (NSLC), as per the OSAP terms and agreements. 

Withdrawal requests must be submitted online through your MyMohawk account. In order to submit a request to withdraw, log into your MyMohawk account under the Registration tab select Request to withdraw. Once selected, fill in the required details and information to submit your request. 

Students who withdraw after the 10th day of class for their program are responsible for full fees for the semester. Lack of attendance, lack of awareness of deadlines or OSAP denial does not constitute a formal withdrawal or reason for a refund.

Review the Terms and Definitions for more information regarding holdback fees. The College is not responsible for withdrawal requests that do not reach the College. 

For more information on withdrawals and grading visit the Program/Course Withdrawals web page.

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