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The Winter 2023 Financial Assistance Profile application will be open from

December 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023



When it comes to paying for your education, investing in your future can be more affordable than you think. A Mohawk education is one of the most cost-effective means of acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to have a prosperous and rewarding career.

As you start on your chosen career path, it's important to have a realistic set of expectations regarding the expenses associated with attending college. In addition to your tuition fees, you will also need to budget for books, supplies, housing, and other related living expenses. You may be able to supplement your income and savings with scholarships, bursaries, or loans. It pays to do some research into what types of financial assistance you may qualify for.

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About Awards

Mohawk College has awarded over $3 million in scholarships and bursaries in the past year. We intend to continue investing in our students to make education more affordable and to assist our students in becoming Future Ready graduates.

We are able to support our students with scholarships and bursaries with the help of generous donors and Ministry-partnered funding.

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Tip: Developing financial literacy skills can help you make important decisions with confidence. That's why Mo' Money believes that financial literacy is a key component to the foundation for personal and community prosperity. Understanding money and money management can help open doors and contribute to the long-term security of individuals, families and communities. Visit Mo' Money Financial Literacy Resources.

Awards Available

Mohawk College offers two types of financial awards to students: Scholarships and Bursaries.

  • Scholarships: Awarded to students based on academic merit, athletics, volunteer experience, or other achievements.

  • Bursaries: Awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and/or meet other specific criteria.

New for Fall 2022: Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship

In response to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the province of Ontario has created an Ontario-Ukraine Solidarity Scholarship to support students. The value of each scholarship is $10,000 and the scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis using both academic and financial need criteria. Priority will be provided to students impacted by the Ukrainian conflict first, followed by supports for students impacted by other conflicts. All students who qualify will be considered for this scholarship when they apply through the Financial Assistance Profile until September 30, 2022.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarship

The Mohawk College Foundation recently established the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) scholarship with a gift from Mohawk College. The intent of this scholarship is to raise awareness of the EDI program (opens new window) and to support students who have encountered lived experiences concerning systemic barriers to equitable access to resources, programs, and opportunities. To apply for the EDI scholarship, you will be asked in the Financial Assistance Profile application to upload a letter (maximum 2 pages) about what equity, diversity, and inclusion means to you and to describe a personal experience with systemic barriers. This can include any situation where you felt that your ethnicity, gender identity, gender expression, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, age, sex, or dis/Ability (invisible or visible), religion, or creed, has been a barrier to participating in something such as employment, education, sports, recreation, and extra-curricular activities.


Indigenous Student Awards

Indigenous students can complete the Financial Assistance Profile application and be considered for additional Indigenous Awards in the winter semester.


Ministry Funded Bursaries

Ministry Funded Bursaries include the Indigenous Student Bursary and Ontario First Generation Bursary.  These bursaries are available in the winter semester by applying through the Financial Assistance Profile for full-time students.

  • Bursary amounts will vary every year depending on number of applicants and funding received from the Ministry
  • Students selected to be reviewed for Ministry Funded Bursaries will be emailed a Ministry Declaration to their Mohawk College email to be signed and returned in order to continue in this review

Indigenous Student Bursary

To be reviewed for this bursary, students must:

  • self-identify with the college as being an Indigenous person in Canada
  • demonstrate financial need through the Financial Assistance Profile
  • be an Ontario resident within the past 12 months
  • have good academic standing

Ontario First Generation Bursary

To be reviewed for this bursary, students must:

  • be the first generation in family to participate in post secondary education (siblings excepted)
  • be enrolled in a first-entry undergraduate program (graduate programs are not eligible)
  • not have a postsecondary degree, diploma or certificate
  • not be receiving assistance through the Better Jobs Ontario program
  • demonstrate financial need through the Financial Assistance Profile
  • be an Ontario resident within the past 12 months
  • have good academic standing

Award Applications

While there are many sources of assistance available, we have made it as easy as possible for full-time post-secondary domestic and international Mohawk students to apply for financial assistance. Our Financial Assistance Profile is a one-for-all awards application process that ensures you are automatically considered for any scholarships and bursaries for which you are eligible. You only need to complete one application each semester to apply for all available monetary awards!

Full-time Student Awards

All full-time, domestic, and international students are encouraged to complete the Financial Assistance Profile application each semester.

Apply for all Full-Time Awards

Continuing Education/Part-time Student Awards

Continuing Education and part-time students can complete the Continuing Education/Part-time Student Awards application each semester.

Apply for all Part-Time Awards

External Funding

We invite you to explore additional sources of funding and financial resources available to students:

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Tip: Remember, even if you are an OSAP recipient, you may still be eligible for additional funding from Mohawk Financial Assistance!

Contact Financial Assistance:

  • if you have reviewed the Financial Assistance FAQ and still have questions about your financial options or;
  • if you are experiencing an urgent and unexpected expense leading to financial hardship or;
  • if you need money management support

Complete and submit your questions via the online Financial Assistance form and a Financial Assistance representative will connect with you regarding your inquiry.

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