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When it comes to paying for your education, investing in your future can be more affordable than you think. A Mohawk education is one of the most cost-effective means of acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to have a prosperous and rewarding career. 

As you start on your chosen career path, it's important to have a realistic set of expectations regarding the expenses associated with attending college. In addition to your tuition fees, you will also need to budget for books, supplies, housing, and other related living expenses. You may be able to supplement your income and savings with scholarships, bursaries, or loans. It pays to do some research into what types of financial assistance you may qualify for.


Mohawk College has always offered an affordable education, giving students access to more than $3 million in Mohawk College bursaries, and Ministry-partnered bursaries and scholarships to help meet our student’s financial needs.

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6 tips for awards application success

  1. Complete a Financial Assistance Profile each semester to apply for awards.
  2. Review the application deadlines. Failure to respond by the submission deadline will result in your application being removed from reviews and/or may result in funding availability being rescinded.
  3. OSAP recipients may be eligible for additional funding from Mohawk Financial Assistance and are encouraged to apply.
  4. Use your Mohawk email address for all financial assistance communications and applications.
  5. Not all awards are announced at the same time of year. Keep an eye on your MyMohawk email throughout the semester for updates.
  6. Students are encouraged to apply for external awards, offered by outside organizations.

Awards available

Each year, Mohawk awards millions of dollars in scholarships and bursaries to assist our students. Mohawk College offers two types of financial awards to students: Scholarships and Bursaries.

  • Scholarships: Awarded to students based on academic merit, athletics, volunteer experience, or other achievements.
  • Bursaries: Awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and/or meet other specific criteria.

Emergency Support

Emergency Help Fund awards are available to assist with educational and related expenses when all other forms of assistance are exhausted. This bursary is designed to assist students who have been placed in serious financial difficulty due to sudden and unexpected situations. The application is not intended to replace other forms of assistance. Students are expected to apply for OSAP, Scholarships, and Bursaries (through the Financial Assistance Profile application) and use their own resources such as savings, earnings from employment, and family income.

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Tip: Developing financial literacy skills can help you make important decisions with confidence. That's why Mo' Money believes that financial literacy is a key component to the foundation for personal and community prosperity. Understanding money and money management can help open doors and contribute to the long-term security of individuals, families and communities. Visit Mo' Money Financial Literacy Resources.

Applying for Awards

While there are many sources of assistance available, we have made it as easy as possible for full-time postsecondary domestic and international Mohawk students to apply for financial assistance. Our Financial Assistance Profile is a one-for-all awards application process that ensures you are automatically considered for any scholarships and bursaries for which you are eligible. Each semester, you complete one application only!

We also offer special applications for Indigenous students and Continuing Education or Part-time students.

Full-time Student Awards

All full-time, domestic, and international students are encouraged to complete the Financial Assistance Profile application each semester.

Apply for all Full-Time Awards

Indigenous Student Awards

Indigenous students can complete the Financial Assistance Profile application and the Indigenous Students Award application.

Apply for Indigenous Awards

Continuing Education/Part-time Student Awards

Continuing Education and part-time students can complete the Continuing Education/Part-time Student Awards application each semester.

Apply for all Part-Time Awards

Visit our OSAP webpage for information on OSAP loans and bursaries. 

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Tip: Remember, even if you are an OSAP recipient, you may still be eligible for additional funding from Mohawk Financial Assistance!

Get help

Questions about your financial options? Contact Financial Assistance.

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