Additional Sources of Funding

We know postsecondary education, including tuition, books, living expenses and more can add up.

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5 Ways to Help Pay for College

  1. Saving up. If you’ve saved enough to self-fund your postsecondary costs and can avoid loans etc. – good for you!
  2. Working while in school. Having part-time work while at college is a common way to help cover your costs and build your resume. Check out employment resources below.
  3. Support from family or friends. If you are fortunate to have financial support from a family member or other source... be sure to say thank you!
  4. External awards. There are many organizations in Ontario and Canada that offer support for students. Below is a list of external awards we’ve reviewed and sorted for you.
  5. Campus student employment program (CSEP). Like number 2, CSEP jobs are on-campus employment opportunities for students with demonstrated financial need. Learn more about CSEP.

Tip: Get Financially Literate!

It is recommended to ALL Mohawk students to learn about the supports that Mo’ Money can provide; Learn about saving for school, living on a budget, planning a major purchase, and take advantage of a selection of financial literacy modules, articles, and information.

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Looking for Career Support?

The Student and Graduate Employment team is here to support your career journey through one-to-one appointments, events, and workshops. We can help you update your resume, practice for an interview, explore careers, or prepare for your job search. Visit Career Ready to book an appointment or view job postings and events. 

Do you want to learn how to market yourself to employers? Build your employability skills? Practice your professional communication skills in an AI-powered simulation? Enroll in our FREE Future Ready Premium Program Micro-Certificate course on MyCanvas.

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