Accessibility Funding Resources

BSWD and CSG-PDSE Funding

Bursary for Students with Disabilities and/or Canada Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities.

What type of funding is this?

The BSWD (bursary funding from the Province of Ontario) and the CSG–PDSE Grant (bursary funding from the Government of Canada) is designed to help full and part-time postsecondary students with a confirmed permanent or temporary disability with the costs of their disability-related educational services and equipment.

Note: For OSAP purposes, a “permanent disability” is defined by the Ministry as a function limitation caused by a physical or mental impairment that restricts your ability to perform the daily activities necessary to participate in studies at a post-secondary level or the labour force and that is expected to remain with you for your whole life. Visit the OSAP website for more information.

What can you use it for?

Both the bursaries can assist with the cost of equipment or services required to participate in post secondary studies such as:

Disability-Related Services

  • Tutoring
  • Note taking
  • Peer support


  • Assistive equipment
  • Assistive software

There are funding caps imposed on all services/equipment.

Can I access this funding?

You are eligible if you currently qualify for at least $1 of calculated Provincial/Federal funding through full-time OSAP or part-time Canada Student Loans and Grants.

Note: Students are not required to accept Canada or Ontario loans to be eligible for the BSWD/CSG-PDSE. However, your OSAP enrolment must be confirmed before BSWD/CSG-PDSE funding can be released.

You have confirmed permanent or temporary disability by submission of an approved Disability Verification Form (DVF) to the Financial Assistance Office.

The disability related educational costs you are seeking funding for are not covered by another agency or service.

Steps to access BSWD & CSG-PDSE Funding

Step 1 - Preparation

Apply for Full-Time or Part-Time OSAP based on your course load:

  1. Identify that you have a permanent (or temporary) disability by completing a DVF
    • Note: The DVF will need to be completed by a medical professional
  2. Submit all other supporting documents as required to the Financial Assistance Office for review and processing

You must be in good standing with OSAP and Mohawk College to access the BSWD/CSG-PSWD.

Step 2 - Identify

  1. Visit the ALS [at] (Accessible Learning Services) (ALS) office and connect with your Accessibility Counsellor (AC).
  2. Discuss your current needs to achieve academic success.
  3. Determine the tools and resources that you require.

Step 3 - Apply

  1. Meet with your Bursary Support Officer (BSO)
  2. The BSO will confirm your eligibility to apply for the BSWD/CSG-PDSE
  3. Help you complete the application for the specific service or equipment referred by your AC, collect signatures and supporting documents
  4. Submit the application on your behalf and be your go to regarding the funding

Step 4 - Decision

The BSO will reach out to you after the application has been processed to advise you if you have been awarded any funds.

The BSO will provide instructions in how the funds will be disbursed/reimbursed if approved. Funds are provided via E-Transfer or Cheque.

Step 5 – Follow-up Submissions

The BSWD/CSG-PDSE requires all students accessing funds to submit receipts &/or time logs for the assistive equipment or services being funded:

  • Equipment/Software Receipts – due no later than 30 days after bursary is issued
  • Service Receipts are due no later than 30 days after the end of your study period

Any excess funds require repayment by the end of the semester or your student account will be placed on hold.

Important Things to Know

  • A new application for BSWD/CSG-PDSE is required to be completed every semester.
  • The deadline for submission is 60 Days before the end of the semester.
  • You must submit your time logs on a monthly basis.
  • Funding provided must be used for the purpose the funds were granted for.