What are Accommodations?

Accommodations are intended to equalize a student’s opportunity to meet essential program and course requirements. In high school it is called an IEP or a disability accommodation.

Providing accommodations invites collaboration between the student, Accessible Learning Services (ALS), Instructors/Professors, and other supports as part of our shared duty to accommodate students with disabilities.

ALS has documentation on file supporting accommodations.

Examples of Accommodations are:

  • extra time for quizzes/tests/exams
  • extensions on assignments
  • accessing course material in alternate format
  • use of Assistive Technology (Kurzweil, Dragon, Read and Write, Large Print, etc)
  • note-taking support

Community Based Resources

Accessible Learning Services directs students to community-based resources for some accommodations that are arranged through off-campus providers. If you have your own service provider, you are welcome to reach out to them first. If you need additional support, we are here to help you connect with community agencies/providers.

Attendant Care

Email aso [at] (aso[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca) for an updated list of service providers

Deaf Blind Intervenors

External Tutoring

Mohawk College's Learning Support Centre provides tutoring. Feel free to check with them first before exploring external tutoring sources.

Orientation & Mobility


A Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) bus pass is provided to full-time students and students on a reduced course load, identified by Accessible Learning Services, as part of the ancillary fees. All transportation costs incurred to reach the City of Hamilton are the responsibility of the student.

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