Accessible Learning Lab

Welcome to your Accessible Learning Lab

The Accessible Learning Lab is an open access lab and quiet work space for students registered with Accessible Learning Services to collaborate, study, and access their Adaptive Technology.

Equipped with 8 workstations (6 PC, 2 Mac) loaded with all of the academic software used across the college as well as full versions of all the adaptive technology software used by Accessible Learning Services.

Located in room A122

Hours of Operation: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Workstations with Assistive Technology

  • Mohawk Apps
  • Zoom Text
  • Jaws
  • 2 Mac Computers
  • Text to Speech
  • Speech to Text

Equipment Loans

  • Digital Recorders

  • FM systems

  • LiveScribe Pens

  • Reader pens

  • Notetaking licenses

  • Laptops

  • Microphones

  • Webcams

Alternative Format Production

  • Braille
  • Closed captioning
  • Alternative formats for testing
  • Text books
  • Online learning

Learn Well Workshops

  • eLearn and organization
    • Tuesdays 3-4pm
  • Semester on a Page (organization, time management & planning)
    • Wednesdays at 2:30-4:00pm
  • Note-Taking Academy (note-taking technology and note taking strategies)
    • Fridays 12-1pm
  • Tech time (drop in and tech support)
    • Fridays 3-4

Appointments with Assistive Technologist & ALS Technician

To book an appointment with our Assistive Technologist and ALS Technician at your campus please contact our triage team:

Email: als [at]

Phone: (905) 575 - 2211

In-Person: The Square C102

Drop in Schedule

Andrea Zians, Assistive Technologist & Learning Strategist

Monday - Friday 10am - 11am

Kwame Sarpong, Learning Technology & Education Support Officer

Wednesday & Friday 11am - 12pm

Nahren Shamoka, ALS Technician

Monday - Friday 12pm - 1pm


All services available at Stoney Creek and the IAHS.

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