Alternative Workspace and Isolation Workspace Accommodation Guide

Students with the alternative or isolation workspace accommodation require a workspace that reduces noise and visual distractions to the greatest extent possible when writing accommodated tests in the Mohawk Testing Centre. The need for an alternative or isolation workspace within the Mohawk Testing Centre will be noted on the student’s Accommodation Letter under Testing Accommodations.

Alternative Workspace within the Mohawk Testing Centre

For students requiring an alternative workspace within the Mohawk Testing Centre, the centre offers several options to meet the student’s accommodation need which may include a study carrel or partitioned workspace. The type of alternative workspace provided is based on availability at the time the student is testing.

Isolation Workspace

For students requiring an isolated workspace, the Mohawk Testing Centre offers several options which include an isolation room or a closed door cubicle. The type of isolation room provided is based on availability of isolated workspace at the time a student is testing. Isolation workspaces are monitored by testing centre staff.

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