Group Assignments/ Projects Accommodation Guide

Developing the skills needed to complete group assignments and projects is an essential program requirement for most programs. For some students with disabilities accommodations are required in order to complete group assignments and projects.

Identified Accommodations

  • Professor/Instructor assistance to integrate the student into a group
  • Professor/Instructor assistance with understanding the student’s role and function within a group

Group Assignments/Projects and the Extensions on Assignments Accommodation

  • Students with the Extensions on Assignments accommodation should discuss the potential need for any extension proactively with the course professor/instructor to determine how requesting an extension, if required, may impact a group assignment or project
  • When a student requests an extension on a group assignment or project, professors can request that students submit the work they have completed up to the date of the extension request. This is to ensure that students remain on track with group assignments or projects and receive the feedback they may need to continue to complete the assignment
  • Certain group assignments and projects may be arranged in a way that requires all group members to be present to perform a time-sensitive learning task that is difficult to replicate (e.g., studio and media courses, group performances). Thus, there may not be an opportunity for one group member to request an extension. When extensions for an entire group are not possible, professors/ instructors should consult with the student and the student’s Accessibility Counsellor to determine what options, if any, may be available

Suggested Group Assignment or Project Teaching Strategies

  • Provide students with guidance on how to address any challenges that may occur within groups
  • Suggest students develop a group contract that clearly outlines each group member’s role
  • Offer a diversified way for group members to participate in group projects (e.g., Skype, Email, Social Media) rather than relying solely on in-person group meetings
  • Provide check-ins with groups to help monitor progress with group assignments/projects

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