Secondary School Educators Guide

Mohawk College is committed to assisting our educational partners in the community help their students transition to Mohawk. For students with disabilities, and those that suspect they have a disability, registering with Accessible Learning Services early helps facilitate a smoother transition, and may facilitate long-term academic success. This document is meant to assist secondary school educators while they support students with disabilities to transition to Mohawk College.

Early Identification

While there is not a deadline to register, connecting with Accessible Learning Services at least 3 months prior the start of the semester is strongly recommended. For students with high accommodation needs (for example blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing) registering with Accessible Learning Services 5 months prior to the start of the semester is recommended.


Secondary School Educators

Secondary school educators can offer transitional support to students by:

  • Assisting the student to access career counselling available at secondary school to ensure good program fit
  • Preparing a package of disability related documentation for the student to then give to Accessible Learning Services along with their intake form
  • Supporting students to obtain an updated psychoeducational assessment if funding is available through the school board or guardian’s insurance
  • Informing students that they are responsible for providing their disability documentation to Accessible Learning Services and advising them that the secondary school will not be sending their documentation automatically
  • Helping students to articulate their strengths and challenges
  • Encouraging students to connect with campus services and activities
  • Promoting decision making and providing support and understanding for students as they develop their own educational goals
  • Providing support and encouragement


The independence Mohawk College offers means that students are responsible for:

  • Disclosing their disability to Accessible Learning Services
  • Disclosing is at the sole discretion of the student
  • Providing appropriate disability documentation in a timely manner
  • Following procedures for requesting and accessing accommodations
  • Distributing their accommodation plan and discussing accommodations as needed
  • Updating Accessible Learning Services if their accommodations are not being met or their needs have changed

Accessible Learning Services

Accessible Learning Services offers support by:

  • Meeting with students to support their transition to Mohawk College (after student is a confirmed applicant)
  • Reviewing disability documentation and guiding students to obtain additional documentation as required, including funding options (i.e. updated psycho- educational assessment, medical documentation, etc.)
  • Working with students to create an accommodation plan to support disability related needs
  • Consulting with faculty, staff and community agencies as needed to meet accommodation requirements
  • Assessing students for learning and adaptive technology needs, and providing services and resources to support access and/or facilitate purchase
  • Providing alternative format materials

Opting into Full-Time Benefits

A student accessing a reduced course load who is considered part-time using the College definition can opt in to full time benefits so that the costs of these benefits are part of the student’s tuition. Full-time benefits include access to the David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre, Student Health Insurance, and HSR Bus Pass. Instructions and timeline to opt out of the health insurance are located on the MSA website. The students Accessibility Counsellor will discuss the need to opt-in to benefits.

Students Being their Own Advocate

Mohawk College students are considered independent adults and are expected to communicate directly with Accessible Learning Services, professors and College staff.

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