Income Variances - Student Income Verification

Income Variances – Student Income Verification


The Ministry verifies student income as reported on the OSAP application against income information provided to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by the student. If the Ministry determines a significant variance between these income amounts, then the student is notified in writing of the duration of the resulting restriction.

Reinstatement of eligibility after receipt of a student income verification restriction cannot occur until:

  • The end of the period identified in the letter; and
  • The day the student repays all interest and principal owing on the outstanding Ontario portion of any Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loan (issued on or after August 1, 2001) and Ontario Student Loans (issued prior to August 1, 2001) if applicable.

Under usual circumstances, when a student makes a payment on his or her student loan, it is applied against outstanding Canada Student Loans and Ontario Student Loans according to standard rules. If a student wishes to direct a payment specifically toward outstanding Ontario Student Loans only for the purpose of addressing a significant income variance restriction, the Ministry must authorize the directed payment with the service provider. It is, therefore, the student’s responsibility to advise their FAA that the payment is to be applied to their provincial funding.


  • Regular payments or payments under RAP that a student has been making over a period of time cannot be redirected after the fact toward Ontario Student Loans. The intent of this policy is to allow students to make lump sum payments toward their provincial loans for the purpose of addressing an income variance restriction.

Students who meet the reinstatement conditions above and who wish to be considered for further student financial assistance must contact:

Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities
PO Box 4500, 189 Red River Road,
4th Floor Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6G9
Telephone: 1-807-343-7260
Toll-free in North America: 1-877-OSAP-411 (1-877-672-7411)
Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD/TTY): 1-800-465-3958
Fax: 807-343-7278

Students must include supporting documentation to show their Ontario funding has been repaid in full (e.g. most recent statements of account from the agency holding the debt).


If all criteria for reinstatement are met and the student becomes eligible to receive OSAP funding during a study period, the student will only be assessed from the date the restriction was lifted to the study period end date.

A student who has received a restriction will not be eligible for OSOG on any principal on student loans outstanding at the time the restriction was determined.

Revised Income Tax Information

A student may notify the FAA that the income information provided to the Ministry by CRA has been reassessed by CRA.  The CRA reassessment information provided by the student to the FAA must be dated after the date upon which the Ministry conducted income verification.

Documentation required:

  • A letter from the student requesting a review of their current situation, including an explanation of the reason for the CRA reassessment; and
  • A copy of the student’s most recent Notice of Reassessment as issued by CRA.

Once this information has been reviewed by the Ministry, the student will be issued a decision regarding his/her eligibility for further funding.

Conflicting Income Amounts: Process for Verification of Income

In the case of conflicting income amounts reported to OSAP and CRA, a student will be issued a letter from the Ministry at the time that income verification is completed. The letter will include a Verification of Income form that the student must complete providing more detailed information and documentation regarding the timing and amounts of income received. This form must be submitted to the Ministry in order to have the student’s situation reviewed. The form includes specific instructions on the supporting documentation that must be provided to support the student’s review request.

If the student has lost or misplaced the Verification of Income form, the student may contact the Ministry directly to request a duplicate form or the FAA.