How to report changes to OSAP application information

Once you submit your online OSAP application, you can no longer edit it.

If, however, circumstances in your life change before or during your study period like your income, marital status, family size, access to transportation, etc., you must notify the Financial Assistance department in order to update your OSAP application.

Changes Can Affect Your Funding!

 Your OSAP entitlement is based on the number of course hours in which you are enrolled. If you drop or change courses after you apply, it could affect your OSAP entitlement and may cause delays in receiving your funding.

When applying for OSAP you provide personal and financial information that is used to determine your eligibility and funding entitlement. If this information changes during the academic session in which you receive OSAP assistance, then you are responsible to notify Financial Assistance so that we can update the information on your OSAP record. These changes may increase, decrease, or not affect your funding entitlement.

Complete the appropriate form below:

  • You must sign and date all forms and any supporting documentation.
  • Upload them directly to your online OSAP account

If the change(s) impacts your entitlement, then you will be notified by the Ministry. You can also check your status by logging into the OSAP website to see if the change has been completed.

Income Changes

When you applied for OSAP you may have reported income from several sources, and need to report changes to any of those sources.

Change Next step
If your own income has changed: submit an Income Change Request Form (PDF)
If your parents' income has changed: submit a Request for Assessment on Parent’s Estimated Income (PDF)
If your spouse's income has changed: submit a Request for Assessment on Spouse’s Estimated Income (PDF)

Interaction with other forms of Government Support

Before you begin your studies, you need to:

  • report the amount of social assistance you receive on your OSAP application
  • let your caseworker know how much OSAP you receive

If you are in receipt of ODSP support, or if your spouse or common-law partner is in receipt of ODSP support, OSAP will cover only your direct educational costs, including tuition, compulsory fees, books, supplies, equipment and local travel costs. This calculation will be done automatically when you apply for OSAP. You can continue to get ODSP funding to help with living costs while receiving OSAP.

If you get financial support through the Ontario Works program, you need to apply for OSAP to help cover both your education and living costs.

If you are receiving EI, Second Career, or CPP support, you will need to declare it as income on your OSAP application. OSAP can act as a “top-up” in these cases if the OSAP calculation deems that more support is required.

Change of postal address

If your postal address changes, then you should:

Your Responsibilities

Upon receiving any OSAP loan aid, you assume the following responsibilities:

  • To read and follow all the terms and conditions in the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) form.
  • Agree to use this loan aid first to pay your tuition and fees to Mohawk College, then to cover other educational and living expenses related to your studies
  • To make appropriate repayment arrangements with your lender when you cease full-time studies.
  • To promptly notify Mohawk College Financial Assistance if you:
    • reduce your course load
    • change your program of study
    • fail to progress academically
    • withdraw from your studies
    • experience a change in marital status
    • experience a change in your personal or familial financial situation.

The Ontario and federal governments take these responsibilities very seriously, and so should you. If you fail to meet loan obligations the possible consequences include:

  • Reassessment and reduction of your OSAP entitlement
  • Refusal of future student loan assistance
  • Poor credit rating
  • Additional interest charges
  • Collection proceedings
  • Legal action
  • Loss of income tax refunds.

Providing consent to release information to others

If you want someone to have access to information about your OSAP application, you need to give permission first. This is called granting consent.

To grant consent

Fill out the Release of Information to Others section in your profile. You can do this online or on your paper application.

Your consent gives the person access to all information in your OSAP file for a five-year period.

To update or delete consent

Log into your OSAP account. Update or delete your consent through “Release of Information to Others” in your profile.

If your situation changes

If your student, personal and/or financial status changes, you'll need to contact Financial Assistance to update your OSAP file.

They will tell you what impact the change could have on your OSAP funding. For example, your application could be held or reassessed.

If you are overpaid, you may be responsible for paying this money back before you qualify for future funds.

Other changes

Change Next step
If your OSAP application was for one term only, but you are taking a second full-time course load within the same academic year: complete an Extension Request (PDF)
For any other changes, including cancellation of your OSAP application: complete a Change Request (PDF, 197kb)
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