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Welcome! New to Accessible Learning Services? We are here to support your academic accommodation needs. If you would like this website read to you, please highlight any text to use ReadSpeaker text to speech. 

There are three ways to register with Accessible Learning Services

  1. Register using the Accessible Learning Services Online Registration Menu
  2. Email a fillable copy of the Confidential Intake Form along with your documentation
  3. In Person at your campus Accessible Learning Services office

Online Registration

To register online with Accessible Learning Services, please complete our Online Registration Menu, attach your disability documentation and submit directly to Accessible Learning Services. If you do not have documentation you can print a copy of our medical documentation form (MDF) (opens Doc, 117.9kb) and have your doctor fill it out. 

By Email

If you would prefer, we also have a Confidential Intake Form (opens PDF, 188kb) as a PDF download which you can fill in on your computer or print off and fill in by hand. You can submit your completed Confidential Intake Form, as well as any disability documentation, by emailing it to als [at]

In Person

Drop by the Accessible Learning Services office at your campus and meet our triage staff who can assist you with registration

Fennell Campus:

The Square, C102

Phone: 905-575-2211

Email: als [at]

Stoney Creek Campus:

Room C104

Phone: 905-575-2211

Email: als [at]


Institute for Applied Health Sciences:

The Square

Phone: 905-575-1212 ext. 6107

Email: als [at]


For information about registering with Accessible Learning Services please contact us at:

Phone: 905-575-2211
Email: als [at]

Disability Documentation

We have created a guide to disability documentation (opens Doc, 47.9kb) to assist with gathering the necessary information to register with Accessible Learning Services.

If you do not have documentation you can print a copy of our medical documentation form (MDF) (opens Doc, 117.9kb) and have your doctor fill it out.

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