How to Apply

Apply as a
Canadian Domestic Student


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Applications for all Ontario domestic students are processed by Ontario Colleges.

Apply as an
International Visa Student

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Learn about visa requirements »

International Visa Students need a visa and study permit to attend educational institutes in Canada since they are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents, nor refugees. For more information, visit Canadian Immigration and Citizenship.

2. Apply for your program through Ontario Colleges »

  • Select up to five program choices with a maximum of three at Mohawk or any other Ontario college.
    • If you are currently attending an Ontario secondary school, please visit your school Student Services office for details.
    • If you are not attending an Ontario secondary school, apply online and follow the easy instructions to submit transcripts and other information.

When you should apply »

Start in January

  • Apply as early as the new application is ready in October.
    • Applications received by Ontario Colleges (opens new window) on or before June 1 are considered equally.
    • Applications received after June 1 are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Start in September


Additional Information

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