Mo' Money Appointment Request

Reason for Appointment:
If you're looking for a money coaching appointment, please indicate in the next question what your specific concern or reason for the appointment is so that our Money Coach can better prepare for your appointment.
Here are some documents that would be handy for you to have with you (not all of them may be applicable): • T4 (Employment income – issued from your employer) • T4A (Scholarships & Bursaries – issued by schools [find on MyMohawk -> Student Finances -> My Statements] or the organization who gave the scholarship) • T5 (Investment Income – issued by: the bank or investment broker) • T2202A (Tuition; issued by school [MyMohawk -> Student Finances -> My Statements]) • Rent Receipts (Issued by your landlord. Landlords are REQUIRED BY LAW to provide you with receipts) • Medical Expenses (UHIP premium / Out of pocket expenses above what UHIP covers – MyMohawk -> Student Finances -> Account Summary, find EACH term you were studying; save receipts for out-of-pocket expenses) • Transit (Presto Pass receipts only DURING your semesters, not in the summer) • Moving Expenses (Air flight receipt / accommodation) • Last Year’s NOA (Notice of Assessment) (Issued by the government) • Other CRA Correspondence or Notices
On a scale of 1 - 10 (where 1 is not much stress and 10 is VERY stressful), how much stress is this issue causing you right now?