Continuing Education Bursaries Application

If you are a part-time student through Mohawk Continuing Education (CE), there are financial assistance options available, including OSAP, Mohawk bursaries and external CE awards.

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Tips for Continuing Education for part-time students

  • Mohawk College’s Continuing Education/Part-time Student bursaries are need-based. If you receive funding or awards from other sources, it may reduce or eliminate your eligibility to receive a bursary.
  • Check your Mohawk email – we will only announce award recipients at your Mohawk email address.

Bursaries available to Continuing Education Students

Institution-funded special bursary (IFSB)
IFSB is a bursary designed to assist financially needy students studying part-time, and completing their first eligible post-secondary certificate or diploma.

  • What’s covered: IFSB will fund a maximum of TWO courses per semester, at 75% of the tuition cost, and may cover up to 100% of book expenses per course.
  • Eligible Programs: View the list of approved IFSB programs

Bursary for Continuing Education Students (BCES)
BCES supports students that have previously completed a minimum of two courses towards their chosen Certificate/ Diploma.

  • What’s covered: BCES will fund a maximum of ONE course per semester, at 75% of the tuition cost, and may cover up to 100% of book expenses per course.
  • Eligible Programs: Continuing Education programs that are more than 4 weeks in length may be considered for funding.

Complete the Continuing Education Bursaries Application to be considered for all awards you are eligible for:



  1. You must be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or protected person
  2. You must not be receiving grant or loan funding from:
    1. The Ontario student assistance program (OSAP)
    2. The Canada student loans program (CSLP)
    3. Second careers
    4. A student financial assistance program from another province, territory or country
  3. Applicant must be enrolled in approved Continuing Education courses including:
    1. Programs that lead to a degree, diploma or certificate
    2. Courses/programs that are at least four weeks in duration
  4. Applicants must complete the online application process (there is no physical alternate).
  5. Applicants must complete the term for which they are receiving assistance. If you withdraw from your program, it is expected that the bursary awarded will be returned.

Maintaining Eligibility
You must fully complete all courses funded through this program. If you fail to do so, you must successfully complete one term funded through your own resources to be eligible for this bursary again.

Application deadlines

  • To have a decision on funding prior to start of classes, you must ensure your application, registration form and supporting documents are submitted 10 days prior to the course(s) start date.
  • If you are applying with less than 10 days to the course(s) start date, you will need to pay up-front to be registered while the application is being reviewed. If approved for funding, a refund will be issued after the 3rd week of classes.

4 steps to applying

Step 1: Gather required documentation.

Gather electronic versions (scans) of required documentation (if applicable).

Married students:

  • Photocopy of the marriage certificate. (English or official English translation is required)

Parents of dependent children:

  • Photocopy of birth certificate(s) (English or official English translation is required)

Sole support students:

  • Photocopy of birth certificate(s) (English or official English translation is required)
  • Photocopy of your separation/divorce agreement, showing that your child(ren) is/are living with you on a full-time basis. If you have never been married, you must provide an affidavit confirming that your child(ren) will be residing with you full-time during your study period and the birthdates of those children.

Separated or divorced students:

  • Photocopy of separation or divorce agreement

Protected Person or Permanent Resident:

  • Proof of Citizenship Status (showing permanent resident or protected status)

Step 2: Write your supporting letter.

Be prepared, as part of the application, to write a detailed letter indicating why you require financial assistance. Be sure to include any community or volunteer involvement you may have and indicate your educational goals as you may be considered for additional awards. This information is needed to be considered for the bursaries with specific criteria and for some awards, additional documentation may be needed.

Please prepare all the needed documents and you will be instructed to upload them through the application process. All documentation must be uploaded by the application deadline.

Your application must be completed online and cannot be processed without supporting documentation.

Step 3: Apply online.

Complete the Continuing Education Bursaries Application. This is also where you will submit a digital copy of your detailed letter from step 2.

Step 4: Register for your course.

If you have not yet registered, complete the Continuing Education Registration Form.

If you have already registered: Submit a copy of your Acknowledgement of Registration and Student Account with your application.

Apply Now!

What Happens After You Apply?

  • Your application will be reviewed within 5 business days and a decision will be communicated to you within 10 days.  If approved for funding, a refund of any tuition payment will be reviewed after the 3rd week of classes.
  • You may complete the Continuing Education/Part-time Student application only once per semester.
  • If you are ineligible or your application is denied, you will be responsible for the payment of your tuition fees.
  • Before we can award your bursary, you will need to provide your social insurance number securely in MyMohawk using this link Submit or verify my SIN
  • If you are selected, your award funding will be applied to your Mohawk account and will be used towards paying any outstanding balance on your student account. Any possible refunds will be issued via cheque and mailed to your address after the third week of the course start date if there are no “HOLDS” on your account.

Receiving Your Award

  • If you have paid for your course in full to ensure your registration and are later approved for an award, refunds will come by cheque in the mail to your home address. (Normally sent after the 3rd week of classes.)
  • For all other students, if approved for an award, the 75% funding is directly applied to your tuition and you are required to pay the 25% balance prior to being registered in your course(s).

Get help with CE Bursaries

Questions about your financial options? Contact ce-bursaries [at] (Financial Assistance).

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