Analytics for Business Decision Making - 386

Ontario College Graduate Certificate
One year or less
Gain specialized knowledge in data analytics to become a skilled data professional, and an essential contributor to business decision-making processes.

Program Highlights

  • Executive course delivery (afternoons/evenings) with a mix of face-to-face, self-directed, and live online courses.
  • Diverse class cohort that integrates domestic and international students.
  • No prior programming or statistics experience necessary, the program starts with the foundations.
  • Industry-agnostic education means skills are applicable to any industry.
  • Applied skills development with industry-standard techniques and software including Cognos Analytics, SPSS Modeler, OpenRefine, Tableau, R, Python, and more.
  • Potential to work with real businesses using their data on individual and team-based projects.
  • Free registration in Higher Education Analytics Data (HEAD) Competition.
  • Capstone Project to integrate program courses.
  • Work as part of a team in our own data analytics competition.
  • Face-to-face workshops and industry networking opportunities.

This is a BYOD (Bring your own device) program. See Laptop Requirements under Additional Information.

What you'll learn

  • Analyze and interpret digital information.
  • Case study problem solving and analysis.
  • Understand key analytical, modeling, statistical and programming tools.
  • Use of business intelligence and data analytics software with a focus on data identification, consolidation, communication, reporting, manipulation and trending.
  • Management techniques for data analytics projects.
  • Presentation and communication skills.
  • How to become a Certified Analytics Professional.

IBM Skills Academy and Mohawk College logo

As a recognized IBM Premier Academic Initiative participant, we are pleased to offer the following IBM Skills Academy courses embedded within the program. Students can earn globally-recognized IBM Digital Badges for in-demand skills.

IBM Predictive Analytics Modeler
Learn the essential analytics models to collect and analyze data efficiently. The Predictive Analytics Modeler will use tools for market research and data mining in order to predict problems and improve outcomes.

IBM Business Intelligence Analyst
Explore report building techniques using relational data models. Enhance, customize and manage reports including Active reports and functionality.

Program Length

1 academic year (period of 8 months)

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Fall 2020 program delivery

Learn more about virtual and remote learning and how programs will be delivered this fall.




Tuition and Fees

2020 - 2021 Domestic Tuition and Fees

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Compulsory Ancillary Fees $704.51 $698.20
Co-op Fees N/A N/A
Compulsory Program Fees $0.00 $0.00
Domestic Tuition $2,281.92 $2,281.92
Total Domestic Charges Per Semester $2,986.43 $2,980.12
Total 1st Year Fees $5,966.55

Above fees based on full-time September program start date. Contact Student Services to confirm fees for other start dates or semesters.

2020 - 2021 International Tuition and Fees

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Total Tuition & Ancillary Fee $8,376.00 $8,432.00
Co-op Fees N/A N/A
Program Compulsory Fees $0.00 $0.00
International Tax Recovery $450.00 $375.00
Total International Per Semester $8,826.00 $8,807.00
Total 1st Year Fees $17,633.00

If you pay by wire transfer, please note your bank might charge you a fee to transfer money. Make sure your transfer includes the Mohawk payment and the wire transfer fee. This applies to each wire transfer payment you make.

Additional Information


  • An Ontario College Diploma, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, or University Degree
  • Other equivalent post-secondary experience or qualifications alongside relevant industry-related experience will be considered by Mohawk College
  • This is a BYOD (Bring your own device) program where you will learn applicable software applications to support your learning. Please see Laptop Requirements under Additional Information.

Apply Now!

Language Requirements for International Students:

  • See below for accepted equivalents for Grade 12 English:

Applicants whose first language is not English will be required to demonstrate proficiency in English. Options are available for mature applicants.

Experiential Learning

How you'll gain skills

  • Demonstrate cumulative program knowledge through a capstone research project.
  • Test and apply course concepts in our computer labs and on your own device through integrated software training.
  • Participate in an analytics competition as part of a team.

To learn more, please visit the Centre for Experiential Learning.



Where you can go next

Your future career options

  • Data Scientist
  • Advanced Analytics Professional
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Professional

Where you could work includes:

  • Tech Industry
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Healthcare
  • Sports and Entertainment

Opportunities for grads

  • Certified Analytics Professional credential.
  • Certification in Business Data Analytics from IIBA.

Course Overview & Descriptions

Click on the course title for a course description.

Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes, often referred to as ‘Program Standards', set out the essential learning that a student must achieve before being deemed ready to graduate.

In many cases these program learning outcomes were developed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) in consultation with employers and educators who are experts in the program field. To ensure the outcomes remain current and in line with industry needs, we invite our employers, graduates working in the field and current students to re-examine and update them during regular, ongoing program review focus groups.

Additional Information

Laptop Requirements

Minimum Settings

The laptop specifications and Dell Systems below are recommendations only. If you already own a laptop that resembles these specifications you are not required to purchase a new device.

Operating System Windows 10 Home
CPU (Minimum) Intel Core i5 to i7
RAM (Minimum) 16gb
Storage 500 GB to 1 TB
Peripherals (included or purchased separately) Webcam
Headset w/ Microphone (to listen to audio in class without disturbing others)
Screen Size 15" to 17"
Price $1650 - $1850 range

Dell Systems: DELL G3 15, DELL G3 17

The Dell Systems listed above meet the minimum specifications. A search of DELL’s website entering the various criteria for RAM will list laptops that will meet the specifications. Don’t forget to access Mohawk’s purchasing discount if buying online. You can do so by, logging to your MyMohawk account, on the left-hand navigation select Technology Solutions, Computer Store. Use your Mohawk College email to receive an exclusive coupon code.

Recommended Settings

The settings below will allow completion of the curriculum and should provide sufficient performance to complete all tasks and use all programs without any limitations.

Operating System Windows 10 Home
CPU (Minimum) Intel Core i7 (8th Generation or greater)
RAM (Minimum) 32 GB
Storage 1 TB SSD or 2TB HD
Peripherals (included or purchased separately) Webcam
Headset w/ Microphone (to listen to audio in class without disturbing others)
Screen Size 15" to 17"
Price $3000 - $3500 range

DELL Systems: XPS 15

The Dell Systems listed above meet the recommended specifications. A search of DELL’s website entering the various criteria for RAM will list laptops that will meet the specifications. Don’t forget to use a Mohawk College purchasing discount if buying online.

Apple MacBooks

MAC laptops are NOT recommended for learning in the Analytics for Business Decision Making program.  Curriculum has only been designed for instructional on Windows platforms. MAC laptops running windows emulators MAY be sufficient but have not been tested by the college

Screen Monitors

In response to COVID-19 much of the program has transitioned to online instruction. Having a second screen has been found to be extremely beneficial for students. The ideal configuration permits a student to watch a lecture/tutorial on one screen (either a second monitor or a separate tablet), while completing exercises on their main computer.

Program Specific Software (subject to change)

Software listed below are available free to students while on campus; some software licenses may be purchased through the college at a discounted rate for use while offsite. Students will be advised how to access program specific software during Orientation.

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access)
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Project
  • OpenRefine
  • Microsoft PowerBI
  • IBM SPSS Modeler
  • IBM Cognos Analytics Server
  • Tableau Prep
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • Programming IDEs
  • Zoom Conferencing
  • Any other statistics/analytics package for learning (SAS, SPSS Statistics, etc.)

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