Mohawk Email

Students and employees can access their e-mail in several different ways. When corresponding with other members of the college community, it is expected that you use your Mohawk college email account.

Get started with the Mohawk E-mail Guide for Students⤻ from the Library.

What is my Mohawk e-mail address?

Your Mohawk e-mail address uses your first and last name and may include numbers or dashes. Do not use your 9-digit MohawkID as an e-mail address.

  • firstname.lastname [at]

  • firstname.lastname# [at]

  • firstname.last-name [at]

  • first-name.lastname [at]

  • firstname.last-name# [at]

  • first-name.lastname# [at]

  • firstinitial.lastname [at] (e.g. c.smith [at]

How do I access my Mohawk e-mail online?

How do I add my Mohawk e-mail to an IOS or Android device?

What's the external e-mail disclaimer?

External sender e-mail disclaimer

The external e-mail disclaimer makes it easy to recognize messages sent from non-college e-mail addresses. Always use caution when opening emails from unknown, unexpected, or external senders. 

If you're unsure about a suspicious e-mail, or believe your account might be compromised in any way, contact the IT Service Desk immediately.