Communication and Collaboration

Skype for Business, desk phones, mobile phones, shared mailboxes and calendars.

Bell account changes and inquiries

For mobile travel packages, see Mobile Device Travel and Roaming.
To purchase or upgrade a mobile device, see Mobile Device Purchase or Upgrade.

Request changes and submit inquiries for Bell Mobility or Bell Canada accounts and services.

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 3 business days

Include the following details in your request

  • Phone number of mobile device or phone line
  • Bell Mobility or Bell Canada account number
  • Your inquiry or description of desired account changes.


Request Bell account inquiry through Self-Service Portal

Desk phone or voicemail PIN reset

Reset PINs for desk phones, Outlook voicemail, or mobile phones

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 1 business day

Desk phone PIN reset - See Request Change or Reset Keypad Lock PIN through Self-Service Portal

Outlook voicemail PIN reset
You will automatically receive a new voicemail PIN by e-mail after 5 incorrect login attempts. If you do not receive a new PIN by email, contact the IT Service Desk and include your phone extension.

Bell Mobility voicemail PIN reset
To request a voicemail PIN reset for your college mobile phone, contact the IT service desk and include your Bell Mobility phone number.

Request Outlook or Bell Mobility voicemail PIN reset through Self-Service Portal

Employee desk phones

Request employee desk phone installation and phone extension changes or creations

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 2 business days

Managers can request installation of an employee desk phone, or reassignment of an existing phone extension to an employee.
Include the employee's MohawkID, phone extension, room number, and effective date in your request.

Request a desk phone or extension change through Self-Service Portal

Mailbox or calendar access change

Request access to a shared mailbox or calendar.

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 1 business day

A manager can request adding or removing access to a shared calendar or mailbox on behalf of an employee. Include the employee's MohawkID and the calendar or mailbox name in your request.

Request shared calendar or mailbox access change through Self-Service Portal

Mobile device purchase or upgrade

Request purchase of net-new or upgrade an existing college mobile phone

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 5 business days, if device is in stock.

Looking for the current domestic voice and data plans? See Domestic Service Plans (PDF) on MyMohawk.

All college mobile devices (phones, tables, LTE sticks/hubs) are subject to the Wireless and Cellular Technology policy (CS-1503-2007)

  • Any mobile devices that have been upgraded or are not assigned to an employee must be returned to the IT Service Desk.
  • Upgrades for existing devices before end of 24 month contract term must pay an early upgrade fee, billed to your Bell Mobility account.
  • Personal phone numbers or numbers from outside organizations cannot be transferred to the college corporate account.
  • Check phone prices and accessories before submitting. Go to our vendor's portal (new window) and enter password mcview

Before submitting the request form in the Self-Service Portal, ensure you have all of the required information ready:

  1. Scanned PDF copy of fully signed and completed Acknowledgement of Responsibility form to attach to the request form. Download the College mobile policy and print the form on page 6 PDF.
  2. User's name.
  3. User's existing mobile phone number for device upgrade or department Bell Mobility account number for net-new device purchase.
  4. Brief justification for purchase of mobile device for internal auditing and approval purposes.
  5. Model of phone (including size 32/64/128 GB) approved for purchase. Check pricing first. Go to our vendor's portal (new window) and enter password mcview
  6. Optional - Request AppleCare+ pricing for iPhones. Price depends upon selected phone model. Read more about AppleCare+ (new window)
  7. Optional - Accessories from Teletron's selection (cases or car chargers).

Invoice payment approval will be sent to the employee's manager through the order ticket.

Request mobile device purchase through Self-Service Portal

Mobile device travel and roaming

Learn about mobile travel and roaming options before travelling outside of Canada

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 4 business days

Looking for the current domestic voice and data plans? See Domestic Service Plans.

Flex Roaming automatic travel features
All mobile phones have Flex Roaming features automatically applied. Flex Roaming costs $0 per month and is only activated and billed when voice, text, or data usage is incurred on a non-Canadian mobile network. Flex Roaming features are billed per calendar month and are most cost effective when your travel dates do not overlap more than one month.

See current United States and International Flex Roaming pricing (PDF)

30-Day Roaming Packages continue to be available and can be started on any date. 30-day packages are more cost effective than flex roaming when your travel dates overlap more than one calendar month. Requests for 30-day roaming package requests must be submitted to the IT Service Desk a minimum of 4 business days ahead of your departure.

Include the following information in your roaming package request

  1. List of destinations.
  2. Travel dates.
  3. The mobile number(s) of ALL devices you will be using (phones, tablets, iPads, USB mobile sticks).
  4. The specific voice, text, AND data packages required. Each device requires its own packages. See below for current options.

Data Roaming Tips

Help reduce your mobile data usage outside of Canada with Data Roaming Tips

Turn off Data Roaming and use Airplane Mode

If you do not wish to pay for non-Canadian network usage Data Roaming must be disabled on your phone. To be completely safe, we also recommend turning on Airplane Mode in your phone's setting, using only Wi-Fi hotspots for internet access, or removing your SIM card and storing it in a safe place until you return.

Request mobile travel package through Self-Service Portal

Skype for Business

Access to Skype for Business desktop app

Available to: Employees
Turnaround time: 1 business day

Skype for Business is automatically available for all employees and does not have to be requested.

Managers may request access to Skype for Business on behalf student employees that have been assigned a "c" MohawkID (eg c000101060).
Include the employee's name and "c" MohawkID in your request.

Request Skype for Business access for C accounts through Self-Service Portal