Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft Teams

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Teams as a Unified Communications Platform?

Our entire college community will use the same platform for communicating via instant messaging, voice and video calling, virtual meetings and classrooms, team collaboration, content sharing and more.

New features within Microsoft Teams will become available, including integration with your Outlook calendar, booking Teams meetings directly from the platform, access to voicemail, and various productivity apps.

Employees will also benefit from introducing a direct dial 10-digit phone number for anyone with an existing college number.

My department already uses Teams. Is this relevant for us?

Yes. As part of this project, you will gain access to an enhanced Teams license with additional features available to you (e.g. integrated calendar with Outlook and ability to make phone calls). More information about new features, including training, will be provided.

Can I continue to use Zoom?

Yes. Zoom licenses will not be impacted at this time. We encourage you to become familiar with Teams as it is the standard platform of choice across the college which will be supported by Information Technology.

What will happen to Skype for Business?

Skype for Business (Lync) was discontinued by Microsoft in 2021. It is no longer a supported platform and is not receiving support for issues or upgrades. At Mohawk, Skype is primarily used for instant messaging and virtual meetings. Both features are available with a better experience through Teams.

Will I need a new desk phone?

All calls will be routed through your computer and mobile devices using Microsoft Teams. After the change to Microsoft Teams, the current Skype for Business enabled desk phones will no longer function. Most employees will not require or want a desk phone with the new system, but where it is required the phone will be replaced with a Teams-certified version.

How can I order a headset to replace my desk phone?

Choose a headset certified for use with Microsoft Teams. View this list of headsets from Microsoft (new tab)

Headsets can be purchased directly by departments using a payment card or FOAPAL. If needed, IT can order headsets on behalf of the department using a department provided FOAPAL, but they must be picked up in-person from one of the college campuses. All headsets must be approved by your manager before purchasing. Submit purchase requests through the IT Self-Service Portal