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AppsAnywhere on Mac

AppsAnywhere is designed to run windows applications virtually, but natively, on windows desktops and laptops. For Apple Mac devices, AppsAnywhere (Cloudpaging Player) may be used by running a parallel instance of the Windows OS and logging into the service through this machine.  This may be achieved by using a virtual machine product like Parallels.

To access AppsAnywhere (Cloudpaging Player) in this way, the user must first install Parallels Desktop for Mac (available to purchase at Mohawk Web Store and Parallels website) and then purchase a Windows OS license to install into the virtual product.

Refer to these guides for installation instructions:

  • install Parallels Desktop for Mac
  • install Windows VM. After installing Windows VM please refer to the guide how to Access MohawkAPPS using your favorite browser.

How to access Mohawk Web Store:

  1. Log in to MyMohawk
  2. Click on “Technology solutions”
  3. Under “Software downloads” section click on “Download software from the Web Store”
  4. Click “I Agree” if you agree with “Microsoft Campus Agreement 3.4 Work at Home Acceptance Form”
  5. Click “More Software”
  6. Find Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac and click on it
  7. Click “Add to Cart”
  8. Proceed to checkout.

Note: A recommended minimum of 8GB RAM is required if using this method, this will allow enough for the 4GB RAM to be allocated to the virtual installation of Windows.

Once both Parallels and Windows 10 have been installed, go to the MohawkAPPS - Getting Started page.