MohawkAPPS - Installation Guides

How to Prepare Your Personal Computer To Use MohawkAPPS

The following steps are for Windows users only, for Mac installation follow these steps.

Step 1: Open your preferred browser and go to MohawkAPPS Software Hub

Step 2: Choose the Students or the Staff option and log in with your MyMohawk ID and Password

  • Username: your 9-digit ID number
  • Password: your current password for MyMohawk or eLearn


When you are logging in for the first time on any device, you will be asked to download and install the client software (Cloudpaging Player).


Step 3: Click It's my first time using AppsAnywhere on this device. Let's go to download it.


If the download doesn't start automatically, follow the instruction as shown below:



Step 4: Click on Save, note that depending on your browser, the appearance of the download screen will vary, use the following images as reference for each browser:



Step 5: Find the Download folder on your computer and run the downloaded file (eg. apps-anywhere-setup.exe)


Step 6: Follow the on-screen instructions and click on Next 3 times throughout the installation process and close the installer when the installation is completed.

mohawkapp-install5.png -->


Step 7: Return to the MohawkAPPS Software Hub and click on Done



Step 8: At the top of the page you will see the message "Validation in progress...", a new prompt should also pop up. Select Open AppsAnywhere Launcher



*If validation fails, refresh the webpage. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact the IT Service Desk*


Step 9: Cloudpaging Player should open, and the Mohawk Apps Software Hub will display a green banner with a "Validation Successful" Message



All done! You should be able to see the list of software that you have access to. You will now be able to use MohawkAPPS