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Accounts and Systems Access

Access to systems like Banner, MyMohawk, special-purpose accounts, network folders, and access removal.

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Communication and Collaboration

Skype for Business, desk phones, mobile phones, shared mailboxes and calendars.

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Computing and Printing Equipment

Employee workstations, laptops, equipment, accessories, and equipment moves or changes.

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Conference and Event Support

Audio-visual equipment setup and support for college events.

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Data Storage

Restoration of lost data and storage quota adjustments.

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eLearn Support

Bulk course enrollments, cross-listings, and specialty eLearn accounts.

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End User Software Delivery

Request access to software and specialty image builds for labs.

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Enterprise Application Services

Consultation for new enterprise applications, and changes or enhancements to existing applications.

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Laptop and AV Equipment Loans

Loans for laptops, projectors, speakers, and more.

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Network Connectivity

Wi-Fi services and network connection installation.

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Teaching and Learning Technology

Classroom technology support, academic printers, and academic lab software.

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