ITS Mission, Vision, and Values

We deliver innovative, reliable, cost-effective and secure information technology services to enable Mohawk College to succeed in its mission to advance learning through scholarship, research, and teaching of unsurpassed quality. We achieve this through listening, collaboration, and by continuously aligning our information technology strategy to the changing needs of the College.

Our Goals

  • Empower scholarship - Enabling innovation and research by providing the technology services to support students and faculty through the journey of exploration and experimentation.
  • Protect information and assets - Develop policy and standards, and build College-wide awareness for managing and protecting information, while respecting the privacy of the members of our College community.
  • Drive innovation - Deliver next-generation of technology, tools, services, and applications that that enrich the student learning and living experience.
  • Enhance collaboration and communications - Deliver integrated technology solutions to enhance collaboration and communication across the Mohawk community.
  • Modernize business systems - Transform processes, implement new Enterprise Systems, and enable improved decision making and measurement of outcomes.

IT Services Overview

Information Technology divisions provide the following services

  • Enterprise Strategy - Develops and implements IT strategies, policies and practices to support Mohawk’s student, academic, and research objectives.
  • Client Services - IT Service Desk provides centralized IT support services for staff and students.
  • Desktop Services - Provides hardware and software support to faculties and departments, and is responsible for implementing desktop computing and image standards, and equipment life cycle management.
  • Enterprise Integration and Delivery Services - Promotes, enables, and works with units across the College to incorporate enterprise-wide applications into administrative functions.
  • Network and Communication Services - Provides College-wide access to telecommunications, wired and wireless networks, related components, internet, and email.
  • Core System Infrastructure and Software - Responsible for server management (virtual and physical), data storage and backup, and Fennell, IAHS, and Stoney Creek Data Centers.
  • IT Physical infrastructures and Systems - Installs and supports audio-visual equipment in classrooms and other areas on campus, and maintains physical network and physical security components.
  • Information Security - Protects the College’s network and information systems against cyber-threats and reduces vulnerabilities by setting security policies and implementing security solutions such as endpoint protection, event monitoring, and two-factor authentication.