Preparing for Migration Guide

This checklist will help you prepare to migrate your Mohawk College email to the cloud (Microsoft 365) and the transition to Microsoft Teams as our Unified Communications platform for instant messaging, video and audio calling. Various links are included with instructions.

  1. Shared Mailboxes:
  1. Shared Calendars:
  • Make a note of all shared calendars you currently have access to and the permission settings to be re-added to your account.
  • How to: Share a calendar and set calendar permissions ⤻ (new tab)
  • Save any information associated with upcoming important events and appointments as a backup in case any issues are experienced following the migration.
  1. Delegation Settings (email and calendar):
  1. Contacts:
  1. Mailbox Rules:
  1. Signature:
  1. Outlook Webmail Application
  • Familiarize yourself with the Outlook Web App ⤻ (new tab). In the unlikely event you experience technical issues during the migration that cannot be resolved quickly, you can continue to access your email and calendar through the Outlook Web App.
  1. Reserve your Calendar:
  • Adjust your work plans accordingly to minimize disruptions during migration.
  • We recommend blocking your calendar (30-60 minutes) in the morning following migration to complete the configurations required to resume full functionality.
  • If possible, consider working from campus on this day to facilitate receiving assistance if needed.
  1. Posted contact information
  • If you currently have a 4-digit extension, make a note of any locations where the extension may be listed (e.g. Mohawk websites, MyMohawk, business cards, signage, etc.) to be updated once you are assigned a 10-digit number.
  1. Voicemail
  • Please make a note of your current voicemail greetings and settings, as this will need to be re-set up after migration.
  1. Communication:
  • Inform your colleagues, contacts, and important correspondents about the upcoming migration. If necessary, provide any alternative contact information.
  • Set up an automatic reply message the day before and the day of migration to inform contacts that you may not be able to respond immediately. Suggested wording is included below. (Optional)
  • How to: Set up an auto-reply message ⤻ (new tab)
  • Remember: You can access email via the Outlook Web App ⤻ (new tab) without disruption while reconfiguring your desktop and mobile mail apps on migration day.
  • Remember: If you do not already have a 10-digit phone number, your 4-digit extension will be replaced with one on the migration day.

Suggested auto-reply for internal contacts:

Hello, I am being on-boarded into the Unified Communications Strategy on [date]. My responses may be temporarily delayed while my account is being set up. [Include alternate contact information if necessary/possible]. I will respond as soon as I can.

Suggested auto-reply for external contacts:

Hello, my email account is being upgraded on [date], which may result in temporarily delayed responses during the setup. [Include alternate contact information if necessary/possible]. I will respond to you as soon as I can.

  1. Training and Support:

Prepare yourself to hit the ground running!