English scholarships - Terms and conditions

The English scholarships are designed to support international students to join Mohawk’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program who may not otherwise have the financial ability to do so.

Each scholarship awarded will be worth $500 per EAP level towards a student’s tuition fees, up to a maximum of $2000 per student (four levels). If a student completes fewer than four EAP levels the remaining scholarship amount cannot be transferred in any circumstance.

To continue to receive their scholarship for the next EAP level, a student must have passed the preceding level (70% or above is deemed to be an EAP passing grade). Students may not receive a scholarship towards a repeated level, however they may continue to claim their scholarship after completing a repeated level if they are still otherwise eligible to do so.

Students will only be eligible to receive a scholarship if at the point of application they are also applying for a Mohawk College post-secondary program upon completion of EAP. Only students who receive an unconditional offer for their post-secondary program (English conditions notwithstanding) will be eligible to receive a scholarship.

Applicants should apply to Mohawk College through the normal international student application process, and complete an additional online scholarship application form in order to be considered for a scholarship. As part of their Mohawk College application, students are required to submit all transcripts (original and translated) from high school onwards.

The scholarship awarding committee will judge a student’s eligibility based on both academic potential and financial need, as determined by a student’s academic transcripts and the information provided on the scholarship application form.

Any student receiving a scholarship will have the award credited to their Mohawk student account after the program registration deadline for each eligible EAP level.

All students receiving a scholarship agree to participate in reasonable requests for marketing and promotional activity as requested by Mohawk International.

Mohawk International reserves sole discretion to award or withhold scholarships. These scholarships are only available for those enrolling on Mohawk College’s General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes 478 program.