Arrival in Canada

Traveler at the airport

1. Airline Requirements and Airport Safety

  • Guide: Entering Canada by Air (PDF)

    Please review the Toronto Pearson Airport What to expect page before your flight.

    If you are travelling by air, check your airline requirements before your flight. 

    Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to enter Canada. When entering Canada, you will be:

    • asked if you have a cough, fever or difficulty breathing

    • required to acknowledge that you must:

      • quarantine for 14 days if you don't have symptoms or
      • isolate for 14 days if you have symptoms of COVID-19
    • asked if you have a suitable place to isolate or quarantine, where:
      • you'll have access to water, food and medication
      • you won't have contact with people at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19
    • You must have a non-medical face covering to wear during your entire journey. You must go directly from the airport to your place of quarantine or isolation, without stopping anywhere.

2. Immigration Requirements

  • Make sure you have submitted your quarantine (self-isolation) plan to Immigration Refugees, Citizenship Canada using the ArriveCan app.
  • Provide your contact information to Immigration Officer: You will need to provide a working phone number AND your self-isolation/quarantine address to the Immigration Officer once you arrive at Toronto Pearson Airport.

3. Check-in with Mohawk College

Once you have passed through Immigration, you must check in with Mohawk College staff using the iCent app.

To find the form:

  1. Launch the iCent App 
  2. Go to COVID Safe Canada icon
  3. Go to Entering Canada Forms
  4. Find the "Arrival Check-in" form and select the one of the options that apply to you. Note: this is a very important step, make sure you read all the options with attention and select the one that best applies to you.

4. Proceed to Quarantine Location

Ensure you continue to wear a non-medical face covering. You must go directly from the airport to your quarantine location without stopping anywhere. 

Once you enter Canada, you must self-isolate/quarantine for a total of 14 days, unless you receive exemption of quarantine at the border by an officer from CBSA.

If you booked transportation services with Mohawk College, received an exemption for quarantine at the border by CBSA, and will not be using our transportation services, please make sure to contact our transportation provider informing them that you won’t be using their service, otherwise charges will be applied.

Transportation from the Pearson Airport to Hamilton

If you will not be using the transportation included in your quarantine package due to having received an exemption from quarantine, the following are options for transportation:

  • Mohawk College partners with Airways Transit to get you to/from Toronto Pearson International Airport and your local area destination (approximate travel time is one hour and fifteen minutes). Please go to Airways Transit Mohawk (opens new window) to make a reservation for your airport shuttle (note: there is a fee for this service.) Once you have completed and submitted the reservation online, you will receive an email from Airways Transit with your confirmation and further details. If you are travelling together with 2 or more passengers on the same reservation (one pickup/ drop off address), you will receive a group fare which will be adjusted upon receiving your confirmation. Visit Fare Calculator (opens new window) to view group fare pricing. Online reservations must be booked using a credit card number and will be billed the day before travel. If you do not have access to a credit card and would like to inquire about other options, please call Airways Transit directly at 905-689-4460.
  • Taxi Services: Hamilton Cab: 905-777-7777   Blue Line Taxi: 905-525-2583 or 905-525-BLUE. See the Pearson Airport webpage for a list of other taxi options.

  • UBER or LYFT Service: Download the Uber app

  • Long Distance Bus Service: The “Go Bus” travels from the airport to the Hamilton Go Centre downtown Hamilton. Note: there is a fee for this service. Find departure times at the Go Transit webpage on the Pearson Airport website. For longer routes (out of province, etc.) visit the Greyhound bus service website.

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