Housing for International Students

To learn more please visit the Canadian Public Health website for more information on how to safely prepare for self-isolation/quarantine. For helpful information about arrivals, please see our "Get Ready to Start" page.

Note: If you are in financial need and need support with grocery delivery or airport pickup during your time in self-isolation/quarantine, please indicate this in the "Self Isolation Plan" form located under "Arriving to Canada Forms" provided via the COVID-Safe Canada icon, in the iCent App.


Homestay with Canada Homestay Network

The Homestay program allows our international students a chance to have the extra support of living with a Canadian family. This is a great opportunity to make friends quickly and to learn more conversational English. Canada Homestay Network will help make all the arrangements. Explore Canada Homestay Network services.

CHN has developed a safe arrival program for students needing to self-isolate/quarantine upon arrival to Canada:

Preparing for Homestay Accommodation:

Phone: 1-289-426-5042
Email: hamiltoninfo [at] canadahomestaynetwork.ca (Canada Homestay Network) - Hamilton office

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Food:The Homestay program often includes some meals. Please enquire when making your living arrangements. Meal plans are not available for students in the Homestay program.


Many hotels in the Toronto and Hamilton area offer short term support, and self isolation/quarantine services for incoming students. Below are some hotel chains that offer various supports, such as shuttle services from Pearson airport, supports with meals, and housekeeping. Please contact the hotel in your desired area directly for more information:

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Toronto Self-Isolation/Quarantine hotel booking with COVID Safe Canada - Please download the iCent App and review the supports available in the COVID Safe Canada Tab from August 1 - Sept 30th, including chat function for your questions about arriving in Canada. If you would like to book your self-isolation/quarantine in a Toronto hotel: within the iCent App, select the COVID Safe Canada icon, then select “Arriving to Canada Forms” and access the “Hotel Accommodations” form.

For additional questions about hotel programs that support self-isolation/quarantine, please contact your Market Specialist.

Short-term Rentals

Short term rentals may be a great option for students looking to self-isolate/quarantine upon arrival, or while they are waiting for their accommodation start date. See below for some options:


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Residence, only available for Fennell campus students, offers everything you need to make your College experience enjoyable and safe. Only a limited number of spots are available and it is important to apply early (by May 15th if you are starting in September.) Explore Mohawk Residence to learn more and to print the application form.

Note: The Mohawk Residence is located adjacent to Fennell campus. There are no Mohawk Residences for Stoney Creek or IAHS campuses. Please note where your classes will take place before arranging for housing.

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Food: If living in residence, only a microwave and refrigerator are provided. A meal plan is required for all students in residence. Your meal plan provides discounts towards the purchase of snacks, drinks and meals on campus and nearby restaurants.

Off-Campus Living

Check out our off-campus living page to learn how to connect with potential roommates, and browse listings in the community - explore Off-Campus Housing. Note – please check what campus your program is offered at and be sure to find housing near that campus.

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Food: Students living off campus typically have access to a kitchen but be sure to enquire when making your living arrangements. Meal plans are not available for students living off campus.

Know your Rights

The Mohawk Student’s Association (MSA) can provide you with free Legal Counselling if you are experiencing landlord/tenant issues or are unsure what your tenant rights are... and more. Please visit the MSA Legal Counselling webpage for more information. Before you arrive, make sure that you review your rental rights as a newcomer to Canada.