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Am I able to start my studies overseas, online, without a study permit and without having entered Canada?

No.  At this time we are not accepting applications for students who want to study overseas.…

What is the impact of the new move to online learning on my post-graduate work permit and study permit?

Until August 31, 2023, the time you spend studying online from within Canada still counts toward the length of your PGWP.

Starting September 1, 2023, you must complete 50% of your program in-class in Canada.…


First-time study permit applicants

Information about applying for a study permit.…

Extending study permits

We recommend at least 3 months in advance

  • Students whose study permit will be expiring are recommended to review the immigration website for the processing time…
  • Study Permit extensions are applied for from within Canada to the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada office in Vegreville, Alberta. Details can be found at the application link below.

Documentation required

When applying, you will be required to provide:

  • Proof of status at Mohawk College - request your proof of study letter from

  • Proof of status in Canada - study permit
  • And proof of financial support for at least one year of academic study (approximately $20,000) 

A full document checklist is available with the application package.

Application package

  • A full application package can be downloaded from the Immigration Canada website
  • You should not leave Canada while your Study Permit extension application is being processed

Once you have applied to extend your study permit, and as long as you applied prior to its expiry, you have “maintained status” until the decision of your application is made. You will be able to continue to study (and work if eligible) as long as you meet the conditions of your study permit while you remain in Canada.

Renew your study permit online

  1. You may renew your study permit online by creating an IRCC secure account:
  2. Complete the questionnaire to generate a checklist of application forms and required documents
  3. After completing the questionnaire, you will be guided to a screen titled "Your Document Checklist"
  4. Gather your required documents
  5. Fill out the application form:
    - Download the applicable form(s), save it to your computer, and open it with Adobe Reader
    - Validate your form by clicking on the blue button found on the first or last page - any missing information will be highlighted. You can edit and validate it as many times as needed.
    - Save and upload the final form
    - Once your application has been validated, you will see bar codes at the bottom.
  6. You will receive the "Acknowledgment of Receipt" once your application has been submitted

Download our step-by-step Study Permit Extension Guide (PDF)


Tip: Be aware that Canada Immigration will not extend a Study Permit past the expiry date of your Passport.

Restoration of Status

If you miss your application deadline

It is your responsibility to check the dates on your documents and apply for extensions 90 days before it expires.

Changing schools - What happens to your study permit?

You may change schools without affecting your study permit status. Follow the instructions to change schools on this Government of Canada webpage.

Look after your study permit

Your study permit and identification documents are very important and must be looked after. We recommend you keep copies of all your important documents in a separate location from the originals.

When submitting documents to immigration, keep a copy of your full application package. If applying on paper, send your application via courier, and record the confirmation number in a safe place.

Working, co-op and placements in Canada

International students are allowed to work and participate in placements (E.g. field and volunteer placements) and co-op while they are studying in Canada. See Working in Canada for information.

If you are completing any type of work-integrated learning experience (Co-op, field placement, volunteer placement, internship, etc.) that is required to complete your program of studies, you must apply for a Co-op Work Permit.

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For information about the Post-Graduation Work Permit:

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