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Interested in recruiting students for Mohawk College?

For over 35 years, Mohawk College has been the academic choice for students from around the world. International Recruitment coordinates international student recruitment, development of agency networks and the marketing of Mohawk College throughout the world.

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How to Become an Agent

Here at Mohawk College, we appreciate the hard work that our dedicated representatives provide around the world.

Mohawk College works with a select group of professionals who play a vital role in promoting our school and programs.

We are looking for preferred representatives that regularly recruit for Mohawk College and support student success. Representatives are responsible for many different duties, some of them include:
  • Promote Mohawk College around the world
  • Help students select a program that best suits their needs
  • Help prepare a Mohawk College application
  • Provide Visa counselling
  • Help students complete required forms and gather documentation
  • Support student success

These services are vital to supporting student success, and we invite qualified recruiters to explore the steps required to become a representative for Mohawk College.

What We Expect:

We have an excellent reputation for offering top quality programs and services to students from around the world. This demands that we work only with the most qualified representatives. All of our representatives undergo a careful screening process. We expect impeccable business practices, top-notch customer service and a passion for excellence. We expect representatives to use the web to get the answers they need to serve the interests of prospective students.

What We Provide:

In exchange for our representative's efforts, we offer an attractive commission and incentive package, and our commitment to working closely with our colleagues establishing a long, productive and mutually beneficial relationship.

We invite and encourage qualified recruiters to find out about all the necessary steps for becoming a representative for Mohawk College.

Agent Application Form

  1. Complete the Agent application form. All relevant information and documentation required.

  2. Evaluation of the application and Reference checks conducted by Mohawk

  3. If approved signing of the referral agreement between the agent and Mohawk

  4. Entry of the agent into the Agent database at Mohawk

  5. Agent receives agent agreement Agent familiarization and update with Mohawk programs, policies, and procedures

Please note that each agents performance will be reviewed every year.

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