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The Mohawk International Recruitment Team is responsible for external international recruitment strategy and implementation, market planning, relationship management, and providing market intelligence on international program development with key Mohawk College stakeholders. As well, the team develops strategies that support college-wide objectives focused on growing our international programs plus attracting and retaining diverse students to the College.


Contact us for general inquiries

Email: intl.representatives [at]


Director: Rob Hicks (Thea Laidman currently on leave, returning October 2019)

Nancy Pitman

Nancy Pitman
Coordinator International Agents

Nancy maintains and builds relationships with our international agent network. As a member of the recruitment team she also provides support to outreach initiatives.

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4761
Email: nancy.pitman [at]
Language: English

maggie chen

Maggie Chen 陈玺如
Market Specialist - China, Asia-Pacific

Maggie has many years of experience with International Student marketing including recruitment, marketing, admissions, and services.  Her experiences have provided her with a rich opportunity to interact with many students and partners. To be able to help international students reach their success in studying, living and working in Canada is the great joy of her work. She is eager to meet the needs of international students and partners. 

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4703
微信 (WeChat): Mohawk-College
Email: maggie.chen [at]
Languages: English and Mandarin


Vinay Joshi
Market Specialist - India, South Asia

Vinay works with students and partners from India. As a Mohawk graduate, he uses his personal knowledge and expertise to guide students as they begin their studies in Canada. He is committed to helping students integrate into their new life in Hamilton and to help them develop into successful Mohawk graduates.

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4661
Email: vinay.joshi [at]
Languages: English, Hindi and Punjabi

mina hyemin kim

Hyemin (Mina) Kim 김혜민
Market Specialist - East Asia

Mina works with students and partners from South Korea as well as welcoming and assisting internarial students at International Square. As a Mohawk graduate, she enjoys sharing her experience and supporting students as they reach their goals and achieve a successful career.

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4185
Email: hye-min.kim1 [at]
Languages: English, Korean, and Japanese

Svitlana Kirnosova

Svitlana Kirnasova
Market Specialist – Europe and Russia

Lana works with students and partners from across Europe and Russia. A dedicated professional and a former international student her passion is helping students realize their goals and build their life in Canada.

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4470
Email: svitlana.kirnasova [at]
Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian
Blog: Study Work Canada (Russian)

david thompson

David Thompson
Market Specialist - Africa and the Caribbean

David works with students and partners from across Africa. As a Mohawk graduate, he knows first-hand about the value of an international education and is passionate about guiding students on their own journey to success.

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4146
Email: david.thompson31 [at]
Languages: English and Yoruba

kevin wang

Kevin Wang 王皓

Kevin Wang is the Mohawk College representative in China. He is able to advise on programs of study and career opportunities and is always happy to answer questions about applications, admission requirements or life at Mohawk. Connect with him on WeChat. 

Phone (China): 15502132572
Email: hao.wang5 [at]
Languages: Mandarin and English

Rivera Ricardo

Ricardo Rivera
Market Specialist - Mexico, Central & South America

Ricardo works with students and partners from Latin America. He prides himself on developing positive relationships with all of his partners and students. In particular, he enjoys helping students choose the right education to fulfill their career goals and contributes to helping them achieve a positive Canadian experience.

Phone: +1-905-870-3208
Email: ricardo.rivera [at]
Languages: Spanish and English

Nathan Tran.JPG

Nathan (Nam) Tran
International Recruiter – Southeast Asia

Nathan has years of experience working with students and partners from Southeast Asia, and would be happy to provide wholehearted support for your success at Mohawk College. He enjoys interacting daily with students and partners as well as travelling within the region to advocate his strong belief that international education transforms lives.

Phone: 1-905-575-1212 ext. 4892
Email: nathan.tran [at]
Languages: Vietnamese and English