Meet the International Student Services team

Location: International Square at Fennell Campus


If you are a current student at Mohawk College, and you have questions about your program, study permit, work permit, etc., please contact us through our International Student Services Form.


 Manager: Michelle Senior

 Director: Krista Welsh


Service Contact Language Support Phone
Main office line International Student Services Form   1-844-767-6871
International Triage
Tuani Nara Rizzi Nunes English, Portuguese 905-575-1212 
ext. 3863
International Coach

Jacques Heri Soares da Silva

internationalcoach [at]

English, Portuguese 905-575-1212
ext. 3760
International Coach

Maria John

internationalcoach [at]

English, Malayalam, Hindi
Tamil (spoken)
ext. 6018
International Coach

Cristina Cioca

internationalcoach [at]

English, Romanian, Spanish (spoken) 905-575-1212
ext. 3603
International Coach

Renuka Arun

internationalcoach [at]

English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil

ext. 4955
International Student Advisor Maria Bracalenti English

ext. 4802

International Student Advisor Joanne Tansley English, French

ext. 4626

International Support Officer Ana Baleanu English 905-575-1212
ext. 3792
International Support Officer Brittany Laxton English 905-575-1212
ext. 3243
Service Integration
Michelle Senior English 905-575-1212 ext. 2038
Service Integration
Krista Welsh English 905-575-1212 
ext. 4604