Academic Support

Mohawk College has a wide range of academic services that can help you succeed. Some of these services include how to start your journey from College to University, leverage your existing education, or gain skills and access tools to help you achieve. Explore some of the options below on how to make your Mohawk College journey a successful one.

Academic and Language Resources

Listed below are a summary of services and spaces available to you:

As well, Mohawk College offers Graduate Certificate Programs for those who completed post-secondary education.

Degree Transfer

Go to Unveristy by Going to College

  • All International students can transfer their Mohawk College credits to most institutions in North America.
  • Most American institutions are more receptive to providing credit transfers than Canadian institutions.
  • The best transfer agreements for students come when two schools sign an "Articulation Agreement", meaning they have reviewed each other's curriculum and identified the opportunities where students can transfer in with the maximum number of credits.
  • The challenge is to negotiate advanced standing into the final years of the program with as little repetition as possible.
  • Transfers often require an audit of your transcripts in order to make sure you have completed the courses required to obtain the degree. You may also be required to show your course outlines as evidence of having covered the material. In some cases a challenge test of prior learning may be requested.
  • Most institutions require at least a 75% in each course where credit is requested.

There are a wide variety of institutions willing to provide advanced standing for Mohawk students in a degree program. Click Degree Completion Opportunities for a list of degree transfer opportunities for your program on our main web site.