Frequently Asked Questions for International Students

Program Delivery Update

For most programs, the majority of your time will be spent on campus with hybrid delivery reserved for situations where it makes sense such as some lecture-based learning. Specific details for your program will be included with your timetable and discussed in more detail during your program’s orientation sessions.

Students are encouraged to review the academic and important dates calendar.

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Travel to Canada
Exemptions and Procedures for Students

Travel to Canada/Entry Requirements


When should I travel to Canada to begin my studies at Mohawk?

Please follow the Government of Canada guidelines on travelling to Canada as an international student. As per the Government of Canada website:

“There is no set time frame for you to arrive in Canada before you begin your studies. You should just arrive to give yourself a reasonable amount of time to prepare before you start studying.

You are not allowed to work on or off campus until you begin your studies in Canada.”

Please follow all the steps listed on the Government of Canada Website for international students before travelling to Canada.

Additional information can be found on the Get Ready to Start webpage and the Entering Canada webpage.


Do I need a travel support letter or any additional documents to travel?

At Mohawk College, you no longer require a travel support letter to travel to Canada. In the event an airport of departure is requesting a travel support letter, you can generate the letter from the iCent app from the ‘Travel Support Letter Request’ widget.


Are there specific things I need to do or be aware of after I land in Canada?

Yes, we are here to support your transition to Canada. All of the important processes can be found on the Entering Canada webpage and on the iCent app.


I currently have AIP status, can I travel to Mohawk College?

No, you will not be able to travel to Canada with an Approval in Principle (AIP) status. You will be required to have a full study permit to travel. 

Please refer to our permit and visa FAQ for more information. 

General Questions

Permits & Visas


Can I complete my co-op if I have not received an approved work authorization permit (due to longer processing wait lines)? How many hours can I work?

Study permit holders may use the off-campus work authorization for co-op if the work is less than 20 hours/week while waiting for their co-op application. If the co-op application is refused, they must stop working immediately


My permit expires soon. Are there special extensions or do I need to reapply to extend my permit to stay in Canada?

There are no special extensions at this time. If your permit is expiring soon, you may apply for an extension. Once the application is submitted, the applicant may remain in Canada until a decision is rendered on their application. See the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Guide webpage for further details. See also the IRCC Temporary Residents webpage.


Where can I find the latest news about travel restrictions for international students?

Monitor the Government of Canada website for any news on travel restrictions. 

Also, you may wish to monitor the list of travel restrictions worldwide from the International Air Transport Association.



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Language Testing

How do I provide proof for the English language requirement? What language tests will you accept?

Please visit the Considering Mohawk webpage (under "Understand Admission Requirements and Deadline") for details on acceptable English Language tests. 

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Fees & Refunds

Where can I find information about refunds and withdrawals?

See our Refunds & Withdrawals webpage for full details.


Where can I find out about deferrals or how to defer to another semester?

See our Deferrals webpage for information about deferrals.


How do I make a payment?

 For a list of payment methods, please visit our payments page.



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Important Dates

Have the fee/deposit deadlines changed?

The deadlines for full fee payment are posted on the Academic Dates page. See the Payments page for information on how to make a payment. We encourage you to monitor Mohawk college website  and your Mohawk email account (through MyMohawk) for further updates. 

What is the withdrawal deadline?

Please see our academic dates website for more information by semester, and see the exceptions term program which applies to some programs.

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Supports for Students

Where can I find a listing of all supports for students?

You can visit the Registrar's Office for information as well as to book telephone or in-person appointments.




What financial support and resources are available to me?

The following are financial support resources available to students:

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I don’t have a computer, how can I access online learning?

The College has a limited number of laptops and Chromebooks for loan to students who do not have access to online learning from home. If you need to borrow a laptop or Chromebook you can email IT at helpdesk [at] (helpdesk[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca), phone us 905-575-2199 or go online through the Information Technology Portal or go to campus to the IT Walk-Up Service Desk located at Fennell Campus in room C120 during hours of operation. Ensure you have a Mohawk ID (One Card) and your timetable. Access your timetable in MyMohawk > Academic > View my Timetable.)

For information on Chromebook versus laptop refer to this Chromebook Guide.

For students registered with Accessible Learning Services who require a laptop for accommodation needs, email: als [at] (als[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca).  

Directions regarding the collection and return of the laptop will be provided when your loan has been confirmed with IT.


How can I register for Continuing Education courses?

International students who wish to register for CE courses can contact the International Service team for support.


How do I change my program after it's already started?

For questions about program changes after you have enrolled, contact the International Service team for support.


What happens if I fail a course?

If you fail a course and you are in your final semester before graduation, you may need to extend your study permit if your study permit is set to expire before you complete the program. To extend your study permit, request a study permit extension by requesting a  Letter .   You will need to provide this letter with a renewal application to Canadian Immigration. If you have questions, contact the International Service team for support. If you have failed a course but it is not during your final semester and you have questions about how or if you need to repeat the course, contact the Program Coordinator for your program. See more information.





How do I withdraw from studies?

You may complete the withdraw/refund formto request a withdrawal from studies.

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Health Insurance

Will insurance cover medical treatment for COVID-19 related illness?

If a student is diagnosed with an illness when they are in Canada, including COVID-19, they are eligible for medically necessary treatment, as per the normal terms and conditions of their policy. For further information, please see:

Please see additional Guard.Me FAQs.

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Living Arrangements

I am currently living in Homestay, what supports are there for me?

Students wishing to extend their time in homestay can submit a request to our partners at Canada Homestay Network (CHN), via hamiltoninfo [at] (hamiltoninfo[at]canadahomestaynetwork[dot]ca). CHN will do their best accommodate students either in their current homestay or in another one if their current hosts are not available for the extension. 

Please visit our housing page for more information.


I have questions about landlord-tenant rights/laws in Ontario. Who can I contact?

The Mohawk student’s association can provide you with free Legal Counselling on this topic and more. Please visit the MSA Legal Counselling webpage for more information. 

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