Our Partnerships

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Mohawk College seeks out partnerships and dialogues with organizations and institutions all around the world that will support the development of global competencies such as work, internship and study abroad for our students, professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, collaborative projects, and opportunities to expand learning opportunities for students around the world to study at Mohawk. 

Explore our many types of partnerships. Interested in partnering with us? Complete the Partner Interest form or visit our Partner with Us page! If you are an Agent/Recruiter, please visit our Agent Partners page for all the information you need about applying to partner with us!

Agent Partners

After nearly 4 decades of commitment to welcoming students from around the world, Mohawk International is a destination that has been chosen by tens of thousands of students representing more than 80 countries. With a focus on education, experience and outcome we have built one of Canada’s leading colleges to be inviting, welcoming, supportive and successful. To support our prospects and applicants, we engage with a valued network of worldwide, knowledgeable and trusted agents who proudly tell the Mohawk story. If you are interested in becoming one of our valued Agent Partners, please find out more on our Agent Partners webpage!

Community Partners

In Mohawk International, we strive for community engagement in all our endeavors and value our community partnerships which help us better support our international students and play a key role in successful planning and implementation of our community projects and initiatives. Our partners support and jointly participate in Mohawk International projects and initiatives and in some cases, support the development of culturally responsive approaches to competency-building for our students.

Some of our key partners include the following. Click the logo to access the partner's website and further information about them.

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Language Pathways Partners

Language Pathway Partners have language pathway articulation agreements with Mohawk College.  These partners provide opportunities for students to complete their English requirements at a partner institution and upon completion of the program, students are able to use these requirements to satisfy English admission requirements for select post-secondary courses.  Language pathway programs undergo a program and curriculum evaluation prior to signature of the articulation agreement. 

Current Language Pathway Partners include: 

Our Key Associations & Memberships

Click the logo to access the partner's website and further information about them.

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International Institutional Partners

In our effort towards Comprehensive Internationalization, Mohawk College endeavors to provide quality global learning experiences to our campus community including our students, faculty and staff and to provide access to Mohawk’s quality programs and courses to learners worldwide. Mohawk International has partnered with quality institutions internationally to provide the following opportunities to our college community:

  • Mobility projects (both inbound and outbound)  

  • Short-term study/Summer programs  

  • Twinning Articulation Pathway opportunities  

  • Specialty training  

  • ESL Delivery  

  • Other projects  

We have partnerships with the following international partners. For information on our projects with these partners, please visit our Current Projects page.  Click the logo to access the partner's website and further information about them.

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