Health Insurance

Health insurance for international students is mandatory and provided through Mohawk College's insurance provider, (opens new window). Students cannot opt out from this coverage. The cost of health insurance is included in the student's tuition. The insurance is ordered through the International Student Services office at the end of the first month of the term. An announcement will be posted on MyMohawk when insurance cards will be emailed to students. Health insurance card and claim information will be sent to the student's MyMohawk account.

More information about the health insurance coverage can be found at (opens new window).

The MSA (Mohawk Student's Association) also provides secondary health insurance which provides extra coverages (i.e. dental, vision). Information can be obtained directly from the MSA, located in room G109.

Medical care services are readily available to all Mohawk College students. The Mohawk College Health Clinic is located at the Fennell Campus, Room C109.